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How to hold a guitar pick

Guitar pick (plectrum) is made to extract sounds from the guitar and some other string musical instruments. Typically, a guitar pick is a plate ...

It is what it is: you start with one small distortion pedal and all of a sudden you have no more room to store all the reverbs, choruses, overrides and delays. Read more..

How to change guitar strings: tips and tricks

Each guitar player should know how to replace the strings on a guitar. It is important to thoroughly study the issue in order to avoid mistakes and not damage the musical instrument. 

 An experienced guitarist knows that there will come a time when the strings will fall into disrepair. For example, they may break or stop sounding correctly due to heavy contamination. Read more…

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The spring reverb for musicians seems to be such an trivial effect that many people do not even think about the possibilities and nuances it conceals.

Indeed, who hasn’t heard the spring reverb pedal in action? It has gained wide popularity nowadays thanks to guitar amplifier manufacturers, 

Best Chorus Pedal Under 50

Best Chorus Pedal Under 50

The chorus pedals belong to the modulation pedal family. Having been around since the 1970s, the famous watery, shimmery, tone-thickening effect found its popularity in the 1990s with grunge music.

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How to hold a guitar pick

Guitar pick (plectrum) is made to extract sounds from the guitar and some other ...
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