6 strings instead of six pills

Caring for veterans is important to all USA residents. The process of psychological treatment and recovery after participating in hostilities or being seriously injured takes many years. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is so severe that it is treated with medication in some hospitals.

“Providence VA Medical Center”, which specializes in PTSD problems among veterans, has come up with an unusual way of treating patients – treating PTSD with guitar lessons. Any musical instrument can distract a person from negative thoughts. And the process of composing music relaxes and helps the psyche to relax. The guitar is an ideal musical instrument in this respect. The process of learning to play the guitar does not take long, and the cost of a guitar is low enough that anyone can afford it. 

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Guitar courses are taught by former military Steven Young. The choice of such a teacher is due to two factors. First, it is easier for veterans to find a common language with a veteran. Military people will always find a common language. Second, Young does this in his spare time and wants to help as many veterans as possible overcome mental trauma. Steven Young has been playing guitar for over 50 years, so he has all the necessary skills to teach. The program is called “Veterans Opus”.

According to Steven Young, group work helps veterans to distract themselves, replace bad memories with good ones, and tell their story through song. At the moment, “Providence VA Medical Center” has released several CDs with songs created by veterans. They can be purchased on the official website of the organization.

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