A Piece Of History For Sale

Recently, it has become fashionable to hold auctions. Among the many lots, real masterpieces are lost. One of these masterpieces of rock music will soon be up for auction. This is the Les Paul Gibson guitar, historically the first solid-body electric guitar from the legendary “Gibson” company. And the value of the lot is added by the fact that it was personally owned by famous guitarist Les Paul himself.

The guitar is a real work of art. The guitar deck is made of expensive wood. The front cover houses two vintage controllers and two input jacks. There are also plastic inserts on the front side. The guitar was made in 1951. According to the son of Les Paul, the sound of this particular guitar can be heard on the legendary recording of “How High The Moon”.

Les Paul Gibson guitar
Image credit: jsonline.com

The “Les Paul Gibson” guitar is the most recognizable and longest lived guitar series in the world. From 1951 to this day, new variations of this legendary model appear. As for the first “Les Paul Gibson” guitar, the auction will take place on October 13 at the “Christie” auction house. Experts believe that the guitar will be sold for 100 – 150 thousand US dollars.

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