All in one futuristic guitar build

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology in the 21st century. Technology surrounds modern man everywhere. We create virtual reality, self-driving cars and spacecraft for tourists. Technological progress has made its way into the world of guitars.

It is difficult for aspiring musicians to understand why they need to buy so much equipment in order to repeat the sound of popular performers? Indeed, why not just take and build everything into the guitar itself like it is in “Guitar Hero” game? In the case of acoustic guitars, built-in gadgets will damage the sound. But in the case of an electric guitar, built-in gadgets cannot interfere with the sound.

The engineers from “Mooer Audio” had come with the same idea. “Guitar World” magazine reports that the company has begun development of an innovative new GTRS S800 guitar. The guitar will be a six-string guitar of a regular shape. A distinctive feature of the guitar is the presence of more than 100 effects, drum machines and looper with the ability to record melodies up to 2 minutes. There are not many details at the moment. Of the confirmed features, we know about the “super knob” option. From this controller it will be possible to control the work of all effects. Also support for a proprietary mobile application from the “Mooer Audio” company¬† and a special footswitch, which is synchronized with the guitar using a wireless connection. It was also announced that the GTRS S800 will be powered by four thousand microamperes per hour batteries. This power will be enough to run the guitar for more than 12 hours.

“Mooer Audio” products are well known for their low price policy on the market. At the moment there is no news how much the GTRS S800 will cost. And there are two options. Either the company will follow the path of price competition and the GTRS S800 guitar will cost less than separately purchased pedals and gears. Or the guitar will receive high-quality processors and then its cost will not be competitive. There is also a third option. The company’s engineers can release a new product in several versions, giving the right to choose to buyers. We can only wait for updates right now.

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