At what age to start playing the guitar?

When a child grows up, conscious parents immediately have a serious question – what abilities need to be developed in a child? Here, naturally, the experience of acquaintances and the life experience of parents will play a role. Most parents send their child to a music school, as it is very popular and not dangerous. Further, it is worth determining what musical instrument the child will play? The piano takes a lot of space in the house and is expensive. The accordion will seem old-fashioned to a modern child, but the guitar is quite suitable. The guitar is cheap. The fashion for this musical instrument will never pass. In addition, there is no harm to health during the education.

But before deciding on a musical instrument for a child, you need to ask him. It’s all about the child’s desire to play the guitar. Maybe he likes the way it sounds. Maybe he likes the shape or the size. At an early age, if a child does not like the appearance or sound of a musical instrument, it is impossible to force him to learn music. Only an interest in music or a popular band can arouse interest in guitar lessons inside a child’s mind.

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After choosing a musical instrument, the question of age restrictions arises. At what age should you start teaching children to play the guitar? Professional educators argue that age does not matter in the beginning of learning to play the guitar. The child must be able to correctly perceive and interpret information. As a rule, by the age of seven, a child is able to begin learning. But this is average. Many children start playing their first chords from the age of five.

What is more important is the question of what size guitar should you buy at a certain age. For very young children, you need a small guitar that will be one quarter of the standard size. From the age of 7, you can buy a musical instrument that will be half the size of a standard guitar. For elementary school students, a 3/4 size guitar is suitable. From the age of 11, a child can be entrusted with an adult basic guitar.

On the music teacher services market, it has become a rule not to teach music to children until they will start attending school. In this case, if possible, you can teach the child yourself.

Thus, age is not the main criterion for starting to learn to play the guitar. It is much more important to recognize a child’s aptitude for music and a penchant for mastering stringed instruments. The main qualities that a child must have to start learning to play the guitar are:

Perseverance and diligence. If the kid is very mobile and cannot sit still, then learning will be a burden for him, and the teachers will constantly abandon the child. In this case, the craving for a musical instrument will disappear quickly.

Medium toes. Playing the guitar is a painful process for aspiring musicians. Your best bet is to buy nylon or silicone strings for the first guitar.

Ability to listen to another person. If the child does not want to perceive the words of the teacher, then he will not be able to start playing a musical instrument.

Sense of rhythm and ear for music. If you do not have an ear for music, then it will not work to check its presence or absence for the child. But the sense of rhythm can be easily checked. It is enough to ask him to clap to the beat of some melody. If the child can repeat the rhythm of the song, then learning to play the guitar will not have any difficulties.

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