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A bass guitar is a fundamental accompanying instrument in most genres and there are different acoustic bass guitars that you can choose from in order to suit your playing and your individual requirements the best.

Whether you’re looking for the best acoustic bass guitar for a beginner or if you want to expand your range and you’re trying to find the best 5 string acoustic bass, you’ll be able to find a wealth of musical instruments to choose from.

These are just some of the best acoustic bass guitar reviews so that you can have an idea of what kinds of models you could purchase. We have also included a helpful buying guide to assist you in finding the best possible acoustic bass guitar for your needs. Whether you have a low or high budget, there will be a great acoustic bass guitar out there that will be just right for you with all the features that you could possibly need.

Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar

Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar
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You can always trust Ibanez to deliver top quality products and the Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4 string acoustic bass guitar is no exception. This guitar has a great look and it has been designed to provide you with the best possible sound output quality.

The mahogany body ensures that the guitar is sturdy and that it creates a rich and resonant sound. The fat and chunky tone that is produced by mahogany makes this guitar especially suited to blues and jazz music, but it is a versatile model that can be used for many other genres. The more you play this guitar, the more unique the sound quality will become too, as mahogany is known for developing character over time.

The neck of this guitar is also made from mahogany and it features a scale length of 32 inches. The range means that the guitar can be used for most musical numbers. The bridge and the fingerboard are both constructed from Rosewood to give durability as well as being comfortable to use.

A pickup and preamp are included but are well hidden in the design of the guitar. This allows you to hook your acoustic bass guitar up to an amplifier system when you want to add volume to your music. This is especially important for bass guitars, which can be quiet, especially when playing with other instruments. An integrated tuner and on board controls allow you to take full control of this guitar so that you can get the most out of the guitar’s performance.

Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic Bass

Ibanez AEB5EBK Acoustic Bass
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With the Ibanez AEB5EBK, not only do you get a high quality acoustic bass guitar, but you can also hook it up to a guitar amplifier system so that you can amplify your sound. This is ideal for those who want to practice in the comfort of their own home but then take it out touring or to play at a gig. With electric only bass guitars, you have to have the guitar plugged into an amp in order to hear what you’re playing. With the Ibanez AEB5EBK, you simply pick up the guitar and start to play.

Thanks to the agathis body and the shape and size of the guitar, you can enjoy a warm and rich sound, even when it is not plugged into an amplifier. You’ll get great sound, even at the lower pitches.

This guitar has a dual band EQ with preamp so that you can adjust the sound output if you need to. It also has an integrated tuner so that you can easily tune the guitar before you start to play it.

You can enjoy the best of both worlds with this great guitar. When you are using it as an acoustic, the sound has a warm quality that resonates beautifully to bring out even the lowest notes. You’ll be able to add some serious character to your performances and make your music come alive. When you plug it into an amplifier, the high quality output will ensure that the music that you play has the best possible tone whilst giving you all the control that you need in order to customize the way that the amplified music sounds.

Michael Kelly MKDF4SKB 4-String Dragonfly Acoustic Bass

Michael Kelly MKDF4SKB
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The Michael Kelly MKDF4SKB 4-String Dragonfly Acoustic Bass is a bass guitar that not only looks great but also that can also produce a sound that rivals that of even the best Fenders. Thanks to high quality craftsmanship and the stunning attention to detail, this model of bass has gained great popularity amongst bassists.

Quilted maple back, sides and top ensure that you will get a rich and voluminous sound, even if you play it without an amplifier.

The mahogany neck provides rigidity as well as a great sound and the rosewood fret board offers the user a 34-inch scale for complete versatility.

You will be able to turn up the volume with ease when you are playing this bass as it comes with a high quality Fishman MKAB Preamp. The electronics are specially optimized to work well with the low-pitched acoustic frequencies of bass notes.

The dovetail neck construction and scalloped bracing gives this bass a great look, which is finished off nicely with the abalone and dragonfly vine inlay.

This is a great quality and affordable 4 string bass guitar that is sure to impress. You can use it to play a variety of different style too from blues to jazz. With so many additional features and such great quality, this is a bass guitar that is designed to be as versatile as possible when it comes to different musical genres, and it will last you for many years to come.

Fender T-Bucket Acoustic Bass Guitar

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This Fender T-Bucket bass has an advanced style that offers plenty of great features and benefits so that you can enjoy the best possible bass playing experience. Upgrades to the design of this bass include a new rosette inlay that has a holographic design and an option to choose a quilt ash top. The “F” logo has also been improves and the compensated bridge saddle ensures that you will get the best possible tone from this bass.

You can enjoy all the great features that you would normally expect from a Fender when you choose the T-Bucket bass. The flame and quilted maple tops are available in multiple different finishes so that you can choose the best design for your style. The mahogany back and sides produces as rich and loud a tone as possible and this is joined by a mahogany neck that offers great quality. Body binding and the pinstriped headstock bring attention to detail and you can really slide your fingers up and down the fret board with comfort and ease thanks to the Rosewood construction.

You can amplify your sound if you wish using the high quality Fishman Isys III Pickup. This is an active preamp system that includes an integrated chromatic tuner to help you to tune the bass with ease. If you want even better control of the bass, you can use the easily adjustable EQ and volume control to get just the right sound for your music.

Dean EAB Acoustic Bass Guitar

Dean EAB Acoustic Bass Guitar
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This Dean EAB 4 string acoustic bass guitar is just what you need when you are looking for a great sounding acoustic guitar that will provide a rich and impressive tone. You can also make use of the preamp on this guitar, which allows you to turn up the volume. When you want your music to be heard, simply plug the guitar into an amplifier.

The mahogany and spruce construction of the body of this bass is fairly common when it comes to the design of acoustic bass guitars. They are great tone woods and are suitable for both bass and guitars. Mahogany is especially useful in the construction of acoustic guitars and basses as it amplifies the sound so that even if you don’t plug it into an amplifier, you will still be able to get a dynamic range and rich sound from your instrument. Spruce is better at boosting the bass and treble. The combination of spruce and mahogany also ensures that your bass looks great.

The neck of this bass is made from high quality mahogany and it also features a rosewood fingerboard. The pearl dot inlay ensures that this bass has a great look. The shape of the bass itself is characteristic of other models of Dean basses and you can be sure to look great when performing with it. In addition, there is an enhancing celluloid rosette detail and body binding to add a finishing touch.

Tuning this guitar is as simple as possible thanks to the die cast tuners. These will ensure that the strings won’t slip as you play so that you can be sure that your bass will stay in tune as you play.

Fender Kingsman Acoustic Bass

Fender Kingsman Acoustic Bass
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You just can’t go wrong with a Fender guitar and this Fender Kingsman Acoustic Bass is an excellent choice if it is within your budget. This is an electro acoustic model that allows you to enjoy all the great benefits of an acoustic bass whilst being able to amplify the sound when you need to so that you can use this bass guitar when performing. This is great for certain genres of music such as blues and jazz where acoustic sounding instruments are often better. This guitar is part of the California series, which offers a deep and rich tone that is sure to impress.

This guitar is constructed from the highest quality wood, including solid spruce for the main body of the guitar. This provides you with a clear and rich sound whilst being durable and lightweight. The mahogany sides and back boosts the bass sounds and has been used specifically for this reason. It can also help the resonating sounds to be louder.

In addition the varnished wooden body, the gold pick guard gives this guitar a vintage look along with the multiple body bindings and the sound hole rosette that has a checkerboard style pattern.

If you have been used to playing an electric bass guitar in the past, the Fender Kingsman acoustic is a great choice for helping you to transition to acoustic with ease. The jazz style C neck is made from maple, and gives you the feel of holding an electric bass. You can also tune this bass guitar with ease thanks to the integrated tuner.

What Is an Acoustic Bass Guitar?

An acoustic guitar is a guitar that has no electrics or sound ports. They are often preferred by beginners, as there is no need to plug the guitar into anything in order to play it. You simply pick it up and start playing. One of the main drawbacks however is that the acoustic bass guitar is not a very loud instruments so as soon as you start to try to play with other musicians or if you simply play in a large venue with other people around, you can find that the sound from the guitar is quickly drowned out.

To avoid the problem of your bass guitar being too quiet when you are trying to play it, you should look out for the guitars that have the largest bodies, as these ones will produce the most sound. Speaking of the sound, the sound that an acoustic bass guitar makes is similar to that of the double bass. This means that the acoustic bass guitar can produce a resonant sound in the lower music registers. This is what makes the bass guitar different than a standard guitar, as it is much lower in pitch. The bass guitar is not really intended for use on it’s own, but it is more of an accompanying instrument.

Construction and Tuning

An acoustic bass guitar is made up of several components. A headstock is attached to the main body using a fret board. A bridge is located towards the end of the body and the strings are attached to this at one end and they run along the fret board to the headstock.

You can choose what kind of body you want for your acoustic bass guitar, depending on the sound you require and your budget. Some guitars are made from laminated wood, whilst more expensive models may be made from solid wood. The sound that comes from an acoustic bass guitar comes out of a hole that is cut into the side of the body. Due to the shape of this hole, it is often referred to as an “f” hole.

If you want an acoustic bass guitar that will produce the most sound, you should choose one that has as large a body as possible. If you’re trying to work out how good the quality of the bass guitar is, then you can determine this by the construction. The best acoustic bass guitars are made with a body that has a diameter of somewhere around 18 inches. It should also be relatively deep, at around 6 inches.

The length of the strings that run from the bridge of the guitar to the top of the neck will determine what the range of the scale is. You should choose the bass guitar that will provide you with the kind of range that you need. Short range scales are 30 inches long, medium are 32 inches, the standard length is 24 inches, which is also referred to as “long” whilst extra long is 35 inches in length. Obviously, the longer the scale is, the more you will need to extend your arm to reach the area of fret board that is furthest away from you.

The strings are tuned to meet the requirements of the person who is using it. Although most acoustic bass guitars are tuned to a standard tuning, they are also designed to be able to be re-tuned to match the key of the song being played. The 4 strings are usually tuned to be E, A, D and G.

Multi-string acoustic bass guitars have more strings on than a standard one, so if you need even more range, you could choose a 5, 6, 8 or 12 string bass guitar, although these models are usually only chosen by the most advanced of performing bassists. If you are just starting out or if you want an acoustic bass guitar to improve your technique, you will find that it is usually sufficient to choose a 4 string bass guitar.

What to Look for in the Best Acoustic Bass Guitar?

If you are looking for an acoustic bass guitar, you should ensure that you know all of the features that you want from it. Depending on the genre of music that you will be playing and your budget, not all guitars are likely to be suitable for you. Read on to find out more about how to choose the best acoustic bass guitar.

  • BodyYou should look for a bass guitar that has a particularly large body. The larger the body of the guitar, the louder the sound will be. As bass guitars operates in a lower register than any other guitar, it is even more important to choose an acoustic bass guitar that will produce the loudest sound. A body of around 18 inches in diameter or more will be the best choice. In addition, you should ensure that the body is around 6 inches deep or more. This will give you the best possible sound.
  • NeckIt is important that the neck of the guitar not only produces the sound of that you want, but also that it is comfortable for you to hold. The most comfortable types of bass guitar next are ones that are thinner and flatter.To produce their best sustain and residents, the best acoustic bass guitars are made from a solid wood material such as maple. This is durable and its produces the best sound.A good way of finding out whether the neck will be right for you, you should see if you can try out the bass guitar without actually purchasing it. This may involve visiting your local musical instrument store. If you strapped the bass guitar over your neck, and try to hold it as you normally would, It should feel comfortable to hold and not too heavy. Whilst it is still strapped over your neck, you should let go of the guitar and to see if it stays in place. If the next starts deploying down to the ground, then the bass guitar is too heavy.
  • ConstructionIt is important to make sure that the guitar has been constructive properly. You should check where the neck attaches to the body of the guitar. This is usually bolted on. If you can see any gaps whether that is bolted to the body, then you will not get good enough sound. The next should be firmly attached to the body and there should be. In addition the whole of the bass guitar should feel sturdy and rigid and not like it’s going to fall apart.
  • FinishAlthough this is not the most important part of your bass guitar, it is still quite important to have an instrument that looks good. If you are going to be performing, the acoustic bass guitar should match the genre that you are going to play as well as your own dress style. Make sure that the finish is high quality so that your acoustic bass guitar will continue to look new for as long as possible.

Acoustic vs. Electric Bass – Which to Choose?

There are many differences between an acoustic and electric bass guitar. If you are considering purchasing and the bass guitar, it is worth checking out this guy to find out whether an acoustic or an electric bass guitar would be best for you.

If you don’t yet know much about the bass guitar, this is a good place to start. If you have got used to playing Standard six string electric all acoustic guitar, you may have been pressured into joining your friend’s band as a bass player. You should be aware however that bass guitars and standard guitars have quite a number of differences.

Because a bass guitar has such a low register, they are quiet instruments. When you listen to the band for example, you will notice the electric guitar stands out. You seem to have to really listen in order to hear the baseline. This is because the bass guitar is so low that’s our ears are not as well adjusted at picking up that sound.

If you choose an acoustic bass guitar, you should remember that it is very easy to drown out the sound when you are playing with other instruments or if you are in a room with many people. If you do want to play in a band, you really should consider purchasing an electric bass guitar, as he will be able to turn the volume up when you need to so that your instrument will stand out.

Some people prefer the look of an acoustic bass guitar. The traditional type of musical instrument does not come with any wires and there is something about the sound of an acoustic instrument that you just can’t replicate with electric one. If you are only just learning to play the bass guitar, you may find more enjoyment in playing an acoustic then you would an electric bass guitar. If you are only playing your guitar at home to practice it, you will not really have any problems with the sound.

Another reason why a beginner may want to choose a bass guitar that is acoustic is because Electric bass guitars can be quite complicated to operate. If you only just starting out, your main concern will be ensuring that you get your technique right. It can start to become very complicated if you need to work out what all of their control knobs and leavers do.

Acoustic bass guitars are also often the cheapest option. Even if you find an acoustic and electric bass guitar that have the same price tag, don’t forget that you will need to purchase additional items. You cannot simply pick up an electric bass guitar and start playing it. You will need to put it into amplifier or a similar kind of sound system so that you can hear what you are playing. This reduces the portability qualities of an Electric guitar and is another good reason why you may want to choose an acoustic over electric.


As you have learned in this helpful buying guide, there are many great advantages, especially to the new bassist, as to why you should choose an acoustic bass guitar. With plenty of models to choose from with high quality wooden construction, you are sure to find the best acoustic bass guitar for your needs.

These acoustic bass guitar reviews have looked at some of the most popular acoustic bass guitars that are in the market today, but if you have not found exactly what you’re looking for here, there are many more acoustic bass guitars available on the Internet that could be the perfect fit.

One of the best things about buying an acoustic bass guitar is that you have complete portability and you won’t need any additional equipment. You won’t need to worry about purchasing additional items when you buy your acoustic bass guitar and instead you will be able to start playing it as soon as it is delivered.

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