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A chorus pedal appears to be a music gear to generate a special modulating effect which simulates the simultaneous playing of two guitars. Such a category of guitar effect pedals is suitable for both advanced and aspiring guitarists. If you play the guitar and want to bring more variety to compositions you made, getting the best chorus pedal inside your pedalboard must be a goal number one. It can significantly diversify your tone with proper settings. In addition, we advise aspiring guitarists to pick exactly the chorus pedal as the first one because of its applicability and ease of use.

What does chorus do?

The chorus effect creates the surround sound of two guitars playing at the same time. In addition, the chorus creates a faint vibration sound. The result is a rich, vibrant and spacious sound. This effect can be useful if you both prefer classical playing or like to experiment with sound. A chorus effect is used in some of the most popular rock songs dating back from the 70's and 80’s. Its distinctive sound can be heard on many records of those periods in compositions like “Welcome Home” by “Metallica”, “Purple Rain” by “Prince”, “Paradise City” by “Guns N’ Roses”, and “Come As You Are” by “Nirvana”. The chorus effect is still among the most widely used effects nowadays in the music industry. It’s often used in rock and indie pop music.

Factors of a good chorus pedal

The factors that determine a chorus effect’s overall quality depend on the equipment parameters. Searching the top-quality chorus pedal can be difficult because of the huge number of various models on the market. Whether you are an amateur or a professional guitar player, you will need reliable equipment that will be a helpful assistant in performing various compositions. Reading our reviews you’ll get acquainted with different options: their specs, peculiarities, pros and cons and will be able to select the most suitable variant.

Comparison Table

In order to make choosing the right chorus pedal easier for readers, we have included a comparison table in our review. In it, we compared pedals on such important metrics as price, effects provided, controllers, and pedal size. In the article below, we will compare each pedal separately.

JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus  WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal  Mooer Ensemble King, analog chorus micro pedal  Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher 
Cost (avg.) $99.00 $59.99 $47.00 $57.99
Effects Chorus Chorus Chorus Chorus, Delay, Distortion
Controls Volume, Rate, Depth, Vibe  Depth, Speed, Level Depth, Rate, Level Depth, Rate, Level
Size Standard Standard Half of standard Long

JHS 3 Series Chorus – Best All-Arounder

The “JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” offers exactly what is required of a quality guitar chorus pedal – real chorus with an optimal delay of 10-30 milliseconds. It very often serves as one of the most recommended chorus pedals on different forums across the internet.

Vibe means vibrato

The “JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” stands out from the rest of the pedals with its “vibrato” effect on board. As you can see, there is only one toggle on the front of the pedal with the “Vibe” label. With this toggle the “vibrato” effect can be achieved. The effect is achieved by eliminating the clean sound guitar. That is, it leaves only the processed sound to OUTPUT. Top toggle position switches vibrato. Vibrato adds modulations to the clean sound.


Other controls are “Rate”, “Volume” and “Depth” controllers. “Volume” is used to control the strength of the input signal. “Rate” controls the ratio between clean and processed signals. “Depth” controls the processing depth of the dry signal. The settings depend on the music style. You can achieve good sound simply by setting both controllers to the moon position.

Power consumption

To make “JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” work 9V DC adapter is required. Unfortunately, “JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” is not rechargeable. This fact degrades the user experience significantly.

Other parameters

“JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” cannot boast of a wide variety of connection methods. In stock there is only one INPUT with 1/4” jack on the right side of the pedal and one OUTPUT with the same 1/4” jack on the left side of the pedal. The pedal belongs to the new third series of JHS pedals. In the new series, engineers have managed to refine the sound, making it better. In addition to the chorus pedal, there are six more pedals in the series. Externally, the pedal looks minimalist. The controllers are made of durable plastic. The body is made of durable aluminum. There is an LED indicator on the front, which makes the pedal easier to use. The iron switch for turning ON the effect is also a convenient solution. Small enough to fit the “JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” into any pedalboard.


  • 3 controls for fine tuning
  • Vibrato mode
  • LED indicator
  • Small size


  • No battery power supply.
  • Small number of connection methods

WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal by Deadbeat Sound – Stylish gear

Wet dreams naming

“Deadbeat Sound” knows exactly how to draw the audience’s attention to their products. A better naming than “Wet Dreams” is unrealistic for the guitarists’ audience. The name is flashy and rock’n’roll. But whether or not the “Deadbeat Sound” makes all the “Wet Dreams” come try? Let’s figure it out.


Stylish appearance is the second feature of the pedal after its naming. The magic starts with the packaging. The packaging consists of an expensive looking black box that resembles boxes from expensive watches. Vintage embossed name and logo is on the front. Inside is the pedal itself, wrapped in black protective foam in the color of the package. Under the foam rubber there is a wire for connecting to the amplifier and a stylish instruction. All this looks incredibly stylish and pleasant to touch.


The beauty of the packaging is as good as the beauty of the pedal. The deep shade of black combined with the rough, harsh pedal shapes and vintage logo make you want to immediately buy the “WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal” and install it on the pedalboard for just admiring the view. But chorus pedal is primarily about sound. So what about the sound?


According to the sound, “WET DREAMS” lets you get the classic chorus sound you desire adding a lush liquid texture with crystal heights and shimmering lows. Deadbeat Sound delivers high quality sentences at an inexpensive cost.


WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal equipped with three standard chorus pedals controllers: “Depth”,”Speed” and ”Level”. “Depth” actually adjusts how far the chorus is actually going to go into the signal. ”Speed” controls the frequency in which vibrations go up and down. ”Level” controls the level of dry signal. The chorus switcher made of durable metal located at the bottom of the front cover. Pedal provides one INPUT and one OUTPUT 1/4” jack. Сlassic!


WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal is primarily for advanced musicians who appreciate stylish looks combined with excellent sound quality. The pedal costs quite a lot and it is better for beginner guitarists to find something easier to start with.


  • 3 controls for fine tuning
  • Stylish appearance
  • Small size
  • Dense sound


  • No battery power supply.
  • Small number of connection methods
  • No LED indication

Mooer Ensemble King Analog Chorus Micro Pedal – Less Than Minimums

Micro series

The Mooer Ensemble King is a compact, floor-standing guitar pedal with an analog chorus effect. The feature is its compact size – its width is half the size of other pedals from this review. It was the idea of ​​combining compactness and good sound that the engineers of the “Mooer” company decided to implement in their guitar pedals. The “Micro” series includes gears that copy the sound of classic guitar pedal effects from legendary manufacturers. All devices included in the series are based on pedal circuits from popular and expensive brands. The “Mooer Ensemble King” is based on the rather popular “Boss CE-2”. It managed to retain the classic “Boss” chorus sound.

Ergonomics and appearance

With its recognizable look and vibrant colors, the Mooer Ensemble King looks seamless on any pedalboard. But apart from the beautiful appearance, the lotions of the “Mooer Micro” series are very practical. They are created in a uniform shape and are about 2 times smaller in size than popular pedals from other manufacturers. This will make any guitarist’s pedalboard more versatile.

Sound and controllers

The Mooer Ensemble King is a fully analogue Chorus. At the heart of the pedal is the innovative MN3007 chip. Because of it, with such a compact size, it is possible to achieve the classic warm sound of the chorus effect from the 70s and 80s. Despite its compactness, the pedal has a standard set of functions. The controls are represented by the “Level”, “Depth” and “Rate” knobs. Among the features is the presence of an LED indicator. Recall that not all manufacturers add this option even to bigger size models. The pedal has an all-metal casing. The connection methods are INPUT and OUTPUT 1/4 ”jack. Powered by 9V DC Power adapter only. Speaking of sound, this is a great solid chorus very reminiscent of the chorus of the “Boss” pedals.


“Mooer Ensemble King” is perfect for beginner guitarists. First, it imitate the sound of expensive pedals. Secondly, it is small in size. These two factors will help you figure out the correct settings and determine if you need chorus for your compositions or not. In addition, practice is important for aspiring musicians. The “Mooer Ensemble King” can be put in your pocket and taken wherever you go.


  • 3 controls for fine tuning
  • Boss CE-2 sound emulation
  • Small size
  • LED indication


  • No battery power supply.
  • Small number of connection methods
  • It can be difficult to turn the chorus due to the small size of the pedal

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher – 3 effects in one


Speaking of “Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher”, an explanation should be made right away – this is not a standard chorus pedal. It contains three effects: “Chorus”, “Delay” and “Distortion”. “Chorus” itself sounds good. It is for this reason that the pedal was included in our review. It sounds bright and atmospheric. The standard settings are “Level”, “Rate” and “Depth”.

Other effects

The other two effects organically complement the “Chorus”. The “Delay” effect will add echo to the chamber “Chorus” sound. It can be adjusted with the three controls “Level”, “Feedback” and “Delay”. The delay time is 1000 milliseconds. Requires a heavier sound – “Distortion” will come to rescue. This effect is an “Overdrive” type of effect and is intended to make the sound heavy. There are three controllers for fine tuning: “Volume”, “Gain”, “Tone”. The difference between “Volume” and “Gain” is that “Volume” controls the sound of the clean signal, and “Gain” controls the sound of the processed one. “Tone” is the simplest equalizer. The left side of the range is responsible for low frequencies. Middle- for mids. The right one is for high ones.


On the front surface of the “Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher” there are three effect pedals. Each pedal is responsible for its own effect. This way, you can turn any effect from the sound mix. The body is made of durable aluminum. The pedals are made of iron. Even the controllers are made of aluminum with plastic overlays. This is intended to extend the life of the pedal. This pedal cannot boast of a variety of connection methods. The connection methods are INPUT and OUTPUT 1/4 ”jack. The pedal only works in MONO. But there are true bypass and LED indications (for each effect separately). To get “Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher” work, a 9V DC adapter is needed.


“Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher” is not the most expensive chorus pedal in our review. But it is the most functional. For an average price, the owner gets three high quality effects at once. The pedal is completely analog and has a sound similar to that of British premium amplifiers. The pedal takes up a lot of space on the pedal board. This is perhaps the only drawback. It is perfect for aspiring musicians who want to find their own sound and not overpay for three separate pedals.


  • 3 effects individually enabled
  • British premium amps sound emulation
  • LED indication
  • Aluminium casing


  • No battery power supply.
  • Small number of connection methods
  • Big size

Buyer’s Guide

When choosing a good chorus pedal, many musicians face a lot of questions. We have compiled a list of several recommendations to make the selection of the chorus pedal as comfortable as possible for our readers. So,

Sound Above All

When thinking about buying any guitar pedal, the first thing any musician considers is how to improve the sound of his compositions. Factors such as appearance, size, connection methods, and even brand are secondary. First of all, you need to pay attention to the sound. Watch YouTube videos, listen to the desired pedals live and decide which one works best for you.

The number of controllers matters

After purchasing any pedal, there comes a time when a simple effect sound is not enough. Then the guitarist will want to experiment. In order not to be disappointed in the chorus pedal, you should choose the option with the largest number of controllers. This will help you constantly change the sound of your guitar and find new sources of inspiration.

Chorus sounds different

Different pedals sound differently. The chorus effect can only sound the same if you use cheap equipment for testing. The better the amplifiers are used, the more obvious the differences become. When choosing a chorus pedal, be sure to test its sound on good equipment. It is best to use headphones.

Analog chorus can be  better than digital

No characteristic can be universal. It is believed that analog pedals always sound better than digital ones. But this has not been the case for a long time. Modern pedal technologies allow digital chorus pedals to sound unique. Digital pedals from leading brands offer richer sound and less noise in comparison with analog pedals. Final decision to buy a gear should be based on tests and comparisons only.


It just happens that this review of “best chorus pedal under 100” is universal. Therefore, it is difficult to single out only one pedal from others in the review that will suit everybody.  If you’re looking for a chorus variation, the “JHS 3 Series Chorus” pedal is worth buying. “WET DREAMS Analog Chorus Effect Pedal” is suitable for fans of appearance and good quality chorus and only chorus. Practical guitarists will choose the “Mooer Ensemble King”. Forward-thinking musicians will give their preference to “Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha”. Be sure to read online reviews and watch videos before buying. Tests also matter. Use our buyer’s guide to avoid popular mistakes and prejudice about chorus pedals.


I’m wondering what material is the JHS Pedals 3 Series Delay made of?

The pedal is made of shock-resistant aluminum. All controllers are made of durable plastic. In general, the pedal will last a long time if used correctly

Can I use Donner Multi Guitar with my bass guitar?

Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal sounds great when used with bass guitar. It makes the sound rich and dense. This is for the chorus effect. If you use other effects, you can achieve a unique sound.

Does The Mooer Ensemble King have a silent on/off switch or does it click when engaging it on and off?

A silent switch included in “The Mooer Ensemble King” chorus pedal.   

Сan I use a Donner Alpha Cruncher with the battery?

Unfortunately, “Donner Multi Guitar Effect Pedal Alpha Cruncher” cannot be used with a battery. Only support 9V adapters

What are the best settings for the WET DREAMS Analog Chorus?

Any settings for guitar pedals are selected based on the needs of the musician and the genre of music. Nevertheless, we will give advice. In our opinion, the “WET DREAMS Analog Chorus” sounds best when the “Depth” controller is set to three o’clock and the “Speed” controller is set to nine o’clock. In this case, the volume controller should be set to the maximum value.

If my guitar sounds dull, will the Mooer Ensemble King pedal help me make the sound more voluminous?

Mooer Ensemble King is a chorus pedal. Its purpose is to make the sound more spacious. But this effect is achieved by processing dry sound. Therefore, the final version of the sound will not sound natural. Please bear this in mind.

JHS Pedals 3 look too small to be an analog chorus pedal? Is it really analog?

The JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus is a fully analogue chorus pedal. The small dimensions of the pedal are achieved by modern JHS technologies in use.

I need a real shimmery effect for my music. I’m looking a proper high quality guitar pedal for that. Whether JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus pedals are suitable for this purpose or not?

You are on an appropriate approach. Indeed, “JHS Pedals 3 Series Chorus” will allow for a classic, ringing shimmery effect. The pedal has a wide range of settings to help you get the sound you want.


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