Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

The DD-8 is the most feature-rich and versatile BOSS compact series delay yet, and it’s introducing it. More great sounds, more delay time, more control choices, and more connectivity are all available with this loaded pedal. And it does it all using a basic BOSS pedal that fits into any mono or stereo setup. A looper with limitless overdub capability and external control support is included, as well as eleven modes ranging from basic to exotic. There is no better delay stomp than the DD-8 for maximum versatility in a minimum amount of space.

Features Boss DD-8

  • BOSS compact series delay is the most advanced to date.
  • Basic digital delay, vintage echoes, shimmer, mod, looper, and other modes are among the eleven available.
  • Overdub functionality, as well as three-pedal control with external footswitches, are available with Looper’s 40-second recording time.
  • Warm, +RV (delay+reverb), and GLT (rhythmic delay) are three newly developed delay types.
  • With the tap tempo input, you can set up to 10 seconds of delay time.
  • When the effect is bypassed, carryover switches set whether the delay trails continue or stop.
  • Three output modes (independent, panning, and wide stereo) are available on the true stereo I/O.
  • Connection configurations (mono, stereo, wet/dry, wet only, and more) are supported by Smart I/O jacks.
  • Two footswitches or an expression pedal can be used to control external devices.
  • Each delay mode comes with its own unique Twist function, which may be accessed via an external footswitch
The Boss DD-8 Digital Delay pedal is a great tool for guitarists of all skill levels. It has a variety of features that will allow you to create perfect delay times, from slapback to long echoes. In this video, we’ll show you how to use the Boss DD-8 pedal and give you some tips and tricks for getting the most out of it.

The DD-8 is a small pedal that offers a wide variety of delays, and it does so in a tiny package. There are delays like shimmer and reverse, as well as clean digital delays, vintage analog and tape sounds, and modulation echo. A +RV type combines delay and reverb, while a new Warm type offers warmer echo tones. The new GLT type is ideal for glitchy rhythmic effects, whereas Warp is ideal for dynamic ambient textures.

Your music comes to life with the DD-8’s many real-time delay settings. The onboard pedal switch allows you to tap in tempos, as well as control Warp and GLT modes for creative expressive effects. On-demand tap tempo, extended looper control, and a cool Twist effect for soaring echo sounds are just a few of the additional creative possibilities offered by adding one or two footswitches. For continuous control of volume, feedback, or delay time —or all three at the same time—an expression pedal may be utilized.

Boss DD-8 Digital Delay Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

By connecting cables in different ways, the DD-8’s inputs and outputs offer smart functionality that allows you to set the pedal for any application. Discrete dry and effect outputs for wet/dry configurations are supported, as well as a variety of mono and stereo connections. In a parallel effects loop, it’s also possible to eliminate the dry signal entirely, which is ideal for delay-only mixing.

With full stereo I/O support and three output modes, the DD-8 makes everything sound bigger and better in stereo. In the left and right channels, the default independent mode distributes linked parallel delays, allowing you to keep the effect sound’s true stereo balance. A ping-pong delay mode is also available, as well as a wide stereo mode for increasedural depth.

DD-8 Digital Delay Built-In Looper

It’s fantastic for practice, checking sound at gigs, and improvising on-the-fly backing while performing to have a looper on your pedalboard. You don’t have to waste precious pedal real estate with the DD-8’s looper mode, which covers you from all angles. The onboard switch can be used to control all looper functions, giving you total control. However, instead of connecting one or two footswitches to externally control the looper’s stop and clear functions, you may prefer to work with extended controls.

Benefits Boss DD-8 Digital Delay

  • Super high quality delay sound with many features.
  • It’s not your simple compact delay, it is filled with hidden killer features.
  • The full, rich sounds that this pedal puts out.
  • The thoughtful, utilitarian design regarding set-up of expression pedal modes and add-on features.
  • Buffer and all the sounds contained within are much better than past Boss DD.
  • Totally awesome digital delay with some different features from the Boss DD7 which is also fantastic!


You don’t have nothing to complain about BOSS pedals. 48 years ago they started this company and it has been an iconic company since then. Because of many famous musicians and ultra mega stars used and still using their pedals, period. If new companies like Strymon, Alexander pedals, Walrus, JHS, DBA, Meris, etc. would have done the same back in time, they will be monsters today like Boss is now. Following that line, forget about if this delay pedal is best than other or if this pedal is more musical than other. That is snobbish crap.

DD-8 Digital Delay Review
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All pedals do the same thing, you select the one that you will be able to use it depending of your taste, needs and ears. A snob thing is to say that old delay pedals sound better than new ones, and don’t. In the context of a song, general people won’t notice a sh…t if you use this pedal or another.They simply don’t care about it. So, the BOSS DD-8 is the latest delay from this company, and if you want to go simple, it does the job, period. Sounds great, plays great, has lots of modes, choose the one you like it, make a sound. This is a revolutionary tool because despite of its simplicity, has more functions that a full expensive boutique unit. If you want to save money, go for this. If don’t expend money on expensive unit.

After searching, I had the BOSS DD-7 sounds great but never fit my needs. This thing is, use it for vintage rock, dream pop, dream rock, space rock, ambient, etc. It’s a great pedal believe, in my case I don’t play live, I just produce music. It’s fantastic as a recording tool, and mixing with lush reverbs, overdrives, distortions, etc and with IR pedals, Kemper or real amps. Simply fantastic.