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Boss DM-2W is the re-newed edition of the Boss’s classic delay pedal — DM-2, which was discontinued in 1984.

And now it returns, retaining the original functionality but also includes switchable sound modes and better versatility that the musicians of today will appreciate.


The pedal has a traditional stompbox design that the Boss is known for. They are also keeping the tradition when it comes to the paint job: there are no crazy designs and logos. The device’s metal chassis is painted in lovely raspberry color.

The front panel is where all of the action happens, obviously. Here you can find a large, easy-to-hit footswitch, three sound control knobs, and a mode switcher.

The top portion of the pedal has a power supply port, with the sides housing input and output jacks.

Demo Boss DM-2W Analog Delay Waza Craft Special Edition


Boss DM-2W has the same basic features and delay parameters as its predecessor — all of them can be accessed in the pedal’s standard mode. In terms of the analog sound, DM-2W performs just as well as DM-2, making the tone a true revelation for those who are used to a digital delay.

In custom mode, the device can go up to 800 ms of delay instead of 300 ms found on DM-2. The added volume increased the versatility ceiling by a large margin. On top of that, the tone in custom mode is also clearer and brighter — without covering the dark essence of analog delay.

Other Boss DM-2W settings include 3 sound control knobs that you can use to tweak the delay to your liking. You can adjust the repeat rate, intensity, and echo.

There is also a dry out for a stereo connection, giving you more freedom to set up the pedal in any way you want.

  • The Boss DM-2W is distinguished by its simplicity and excellent sound quality.
  • The new model has a vintage look with the same sound as the original.
  • It can be used for recording guitars, basses, keyboards and vocals in a studio or live environment.
  • The Boss DM-2W is a flexible delay pedal for the musician who needs a range of sounds and modulation.
  • It’s easy to use and intuitive so you can get great tones right away.
  • Choose from various modes like echoes, stereo loops, tape delays, more.
  • Good sound versatility
  • Analog tone
  • Some might want more controls


Thank you for reading our blog! In this post, we would like to introduce you to the Boss DM-2W Analog Delay Waza Craft Special Edition. This pedal is designed to give your music that extra special touch that will make your tracks sound breathtaking. If you’re looking for a pedal that will add depth and dimension to your sound, the Boss DM-2W is the perfect option for you!