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Boss RE-2 Space Echo

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is a legendary and highly desired effect unit in music history, having been introduced in 1974 and produced for over 14 years. This tape-based classic has been loved by musicians, producers, and audio mixers for over four decades for its unique rhythmic echo effects, warm character, and extremely playable sound oddities.

For the first time, the Space Echo’s original sound and behavior are accessible in the renowned BOSS small series with the RE-2. The RE-2 delivers the coveted magic of the RE-201 in a pedalboard-friendly footprint, thanks to thorough R&D and our latest innovations.

Features Boss RE-2 Space Echo

  • In a BOSS compact pedal, the iconic Roland RE-201 Space Echo sound and behavior are authentic.
  • With expanded delay time, a classic multi-head tape echo sound is achieved.
  • There are 11 distinct sound combinations in the original three-head setup.
  • The RE-201 spring reverb has a contemporary stereo design.
  • For adding various degrees of natural tape modulation, there’s a Wow & Flutter control.
  • The original Space Echo preamp’s modeled sound or the unprocessed analog dry signal is available to select from.
  • External footswitches or an expression pedal can be used to expand control.

Boss RE-2 Video

Boss RE-2 Space Echo is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to sound like they’re playing in a professional studio. This pedal delivers amazing echo, reverb and distortion that will help you sound like a pro at any stage of your career. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced musician, this pedal is perfect for you!

RE-201 Space Echo: Straight up Amazing

The RE-201 was a pioneer in its category when tape-based echoes were popular in the music industry. It could create clean, single delays to thick, rhythmic echoes and ambient washes, thanks to three evenly spaced tape heads and a spring reverb tank. From the gentle compression of magnetic tape saturation to the changing modulation generated by motor speed fluctuations, friction, and other elements, the RE-201’s appealing sound was impacted by a variety of factors. The Space Echo’s rich sonic recipe included analog preamp circuitry, which was but not least.

Boss RE-2 Space Echo – A Masterpiece Reborn

BOSS engineers have meticulously recreated all of the intricate, nonlinear characteristics that make up the RE-201’s immortality in the development of the RE-2 and its bigger brother, the RE-202. We examined a pristine original unit from the BOSS and Roland factory archive, as well as several vintage RE-201s. The tape path, record/playback mechanism, motor variations, preamp coloration, spring reverb character, and other elements that influence the sound have all been recreated using new algorithms.

Boss RE-2 Space Echo Manual
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The RE-201’s entire sonic character is squeezed into the classic BOSS compact pedal format by the RE-2. You can balance the echo/reverb blend with independent level knobs, and the 11-position mode selector allows you to dial in different virtual tape heads with or without spring reverb. The gradual pitch shift that occurs when changing the Repeat Rate, as well as the runaway feedback that happens when maxing the Intensity knob, are both accurately replicated. You can also create all of the natural modulation characteristics that are necessary for the Space Echo sound with the expressive Wow & Flutter control.

RE-2 – Built for Modern Players

With diverse capabilities for today’s music, the RE-2 expands on the Space Echo experience. There’s a Twist function for producing evocative special effects, as well as a doubling of delay time and tap tempo control. The warm and fat RE-201 preamp tone, or a pure signal with no tweaking, are both options for the dry sound. For parallel effect setups and studio use, full stereo I/O is available, as well as the ability to mute the dry signal. In addition to external footswitches or an expression pedal, the RE-2 may control additional functions simultaneously with continuous pedal control of numerous panel operations.


The original Space Echo Re-201 is one of my favorite pieces of gear that I’ve used for recording for years. While the compact RE-2 doesn’t have the mojo or pre-amp of the original it’s much more convenient, especially for live use. It’s also a lot easier to dial in more predictable yet interesting delays thanks to the tap tempo. Overall I’m very happy with the pedal. It won’t replace my RE-201 but now allows me to use those sounds more extensively in my gig.