Boss BD-2 Blues Driver Brief Review

Update - 2022.01.21

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is the proper guitar pedal for creating a New Year’s Eve atmosphere. Because the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is ideal for the most New Year’s genre of music – the blues. Blues sound has always been and will be popular with guitarists. Usually this sound is associated with the sound of vintage tube pedals from the sixties. Boss engineers were able to create a quality product that allows you to achieve a sound close to vintage. Boss BD-2 Blues Driver has been on the market for a long time. The “Waza craft” series breathed new life into the pedal. Today the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver guitar pedal is in great demand among connoisseurs of high-quality guitar sound.


Warm and soft sound with a characteristic “dirtyness” can vary widely – from “overdrive” to “distortion“. “Lotion” perfectly “catches” the dynamic shades of sound production – when playing quietly, the guitar sounds clean and transparent, developing into powerful distortions with active strikes of the pick. The pedal has a fairly large gain range. It means that in the mode of maximum gain and maximum volume, the pedal turns into a kind of sound booster. Smooth breakup overdrive and gentle crunch tone are easy to achieve with the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver guitar pedal. In general, the soft and warm overdrive and distortion sets the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver apart from other pedals. It is perfect for solo performers who play with the Joe Satriani style. The dynamics of the sound is at a high level. There is almost no compression in the sound, so you get a fresh, deep guitar sound.

Boss BD – 2W – Gain Half + Fingers
Boss BD – 2W – Full Gain


Boss BD-2 Blues Driver looks like all Boss pedals like two peas. All guitarists know this recognizable design. There will be no problems with setting the pedal. For ease to use, the instruction manual for the Boss BD-2 Blues Driver describes the sequence for setting up the pedal and provides eight ready-made presets to achieve a particular sound. On the front side there is a pedal switch with the “Boss” logo. Also on the front side is the “Check” LED indicator. The pedal also has three classic controllers:

  • “Level”, which is responsible for the output signal level;
  • “Gain”, which is responsible for the overload level (input sensitivity level);
  • “Tone”.

Of course, there are also drawbacks. “Gain” does not allow you to fine tune the tone of the sound. It is only good for cutting low and high frequencies slightly.

Power Supply 

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver operates with an AC adapter or 9 volt battery. The stated battery life is 60 hours. Just look at attractive offers on Boss BD-2 Blues Driver you can buy on Reverb right now.