Boss ST-2 Power Stack

The ST-2 Power Stack offers renowned BOSS distortion with a massive amount of power comparable to coveted tube amps and professional amp stacks, from fat crunch to ultra high-gain distortion. You can dial up anything from vintage crunch and punchy drive to full-assault distortion by turning the SOUND knob, which simultaneously blends gain amount and sound character. Just use the onboard two-band EQ to adjust to your liking to add extra character to your tone. The ST-2 employs BOSS’ years of amp modeling study to deliver genuine stack sounds in a tiny stompbox, and it is one very singular distortion pedal.

The playing feel and power of stack amps are characteristics of the ST-2. BOSS utilized a lot of research into the sound and features of many vintage guitar amps to come up with this definition. This distortion effect reacts naturally to picking variations and volume fluctuations on your guitar, producing true tone and emotion. Yet beyond the sound of real amplifiers, the ST-2 has the potential to go further.

In this video, I’m going to show you the Boss ST-2 power stack. This is a complete guitar pedalboard that will allow you to jam and play like a pro without breaking the bank. I’ll also show you how to use each pedal in order to create your own unique sounds.
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When playing softly, the ST-2 offers a full, clean tone that transitions flawlessly into a fat crunch, making it ideal for rock ballads and tunes with dramatic tone alterations. The sound of a stack amplifier is like nothing else. There’s also a vintage-rock sound with crisp overtones. To get a heavy-metal sound, turn up the SOUND knob. The ST-2 has a strong low end and a sharp edge, as well as offering significant high gain.

Features Boss ST-2

  • Original distortion sound reminiscent of tube-based stack amplifiers
  • It has a huge tone range, from vintage distortion to high-gain modern distortion.
  • Picking nuances and volume changes are faithfully and accurately reproduced
  • Both gains intensity and sound character are controlled by the SOUND knob.
  • Dedicated BASS and TREBLE knobs for a two-band EQ

BOSS is one of the few companies that makes a sound knob. Just set it to the tone you want, and that’s it. From quick crunch and beautiful drive to earth-shaking ultra high gain, the SOUND knob affects both gain and sound character.

The superb sound and durability, as well as road-tough design, consistency, and dependability of BOSS compact pedals have made them famous across the globe. The ST-2 features a robust pedal that is designed to last decades of hard use, which is based on the BOSS design.

Benefits Boss ST-2 Power Stack

  • It really acts like an amp. It pushes every pedal harder.
  • This pedal has a range from Neil Young to Slayer
  • It does hiss like a high watt Marshall amp.
  • It’s supposedly a ‘Brown Sound’ Marshall in a box, but you can get a wide range of enjoyable sounds out of this thing.
  • A really good brit marshall distortion.
  • Quite versatile, from a light crunch to hi gain levels (where it shows its best behaviour).
  • Quality sounds at the same standards as some more expensive boutique pedals.
  • The “Sound” knob is much more complex and interesting than a gain control.
  • It does control gain, but also moves the mids around in cool ways and changes the actual OD textures as well as amounts as you go up or down.