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I got the Revv G3 as part of a smaller setup so that I wouldn’t have to fire up my big setup when the urge to play hit me. I had a Rivera Sedona Lite that wasn’t being used. This amp is mainly for acoustic guitar and vocal, so it is really close to full range. So all the overdrive/distortion would come from the pedal. This ended up being a happy accident, as the Revv G3 has a really creamy rich overdrive/distortion and this setup really let it shine through. The EQ on it is really active, and there are noticeable differences as you go through the range, so it’s got lots of flexibility. The “0” point for the knobs is at 12 o’clock. For the drive, I have it just over the 9 o’clock setting and that is plenty……. The pedal is really responsive too making the feel very much like a tube amp. There are other drive settings as well that include Blue and Red (and off), which are setup to be like the same channels on the Revv Amps. if the tone coming from the pedal is indicative of what the amps are then this pedal becomes the gateway drug right to them…… I highly recommend checking out this pedal if overdrive/distortion is part of your tone.

The G3 is the signature REVV sound with recognizable punch and readability. Now in a compact and accessible format.
The carefully selected EQ section allows you to achieve tight bass and bright treble on any instrument while maintaining the dynamics and sustain of a large tube amplifier. The gain and tuning options make it a versatile pedal for any style.

“For a long time, in my spare time, I was working on a transistor version of the Revv Purple Channel.” One night, I brought it up to the guys, and they exclaimed, “What are you doing?!” It came out sounding fantastic right away, but a lot of extra work went into making the Revv G3 feel comfortable under the fingers with even saturation and great bloom and attack – not flat & sterile. Testing with a variety of rigs, to make it as adaptable as possible. We were looking for a box that was absolutely perfect! I’m ecstatic about this since we saw it used in studios with fly-rig boards, cab modeling direct to front of house, and small combos even in early testing. Despite all the positive feedback from touring acts, producers, and session players, we had to make over 16 revisions to get it right! I can’t wait to hear even more music being created all around the globe using this pedal.

-Dan Trudeau, President & Head Designer Revv Amplification Inc

Features REVV G3

Beautifully constructed, and capable of producing a wide range of distortion sounds, from crunch to full-on death metal or djent. For best results, I’ve found running a tube screamer into the front of it tightens up the sound perfectly – it’s not quite the same response as a real tube amp, but it’s 95% of the way there, which is exactly what I want. Some good EQ can get it even closer.

  • Feels Fantastic – Like your favorite amp, the attack and bloom of notes are continually revised to ensure they’re exciting to play.
  • Low lows are tight, while highs are present and cleansed in Mix Ready – Smart filtering.
  • Fat and warm, or tight and brilliant, you can use it for anything. Heavy overdriven or mild saturation.
  • “Distortion channel” in front of a clean amp, another kind of gain with a multi-channel amp, simple transportation, and excellent studio equipment; it fits into any rig.
  • Single-space enclosure, 9v power supply, and top-mounted jacks are all examples of modern features.

I’ve never obtained a better high gain tone than with this pedal. It’s a tight low end that’s perfect for chugs, a screaming top end for leads that doesn’t end up hissy or overly shrill, the mid range sweep is perfect and the aggression toggle let’s me get that perfect amount of boost and gain saturation I need. Also, the noise floor is relatively low. Not to mention, the brand and aesthetic just make this one look frikkin cool.

In this video, we are going to take a look at the Revv G3 pedal distortion. This pedal is perfect for those who want to add some dirt and grit to their sound. The Revv G3 pedal is versatile and can be used for a wide range of sounds, from blues to metal. We will also discuss how to use the pedal and what settings are best for different types of music. So if you’re looking for a simple but effective way to add distortion to your sound, check out the Revv G3 pedal!

Revv G3 Pedal Distortion Review

So my biggest fear was this would just not fill my need for a tight, soaring lead tone. All I saw were metal monsters online singing its praises, but was this for me? I don’t play metal, I appreciate the genre, just don’t play it. My current lead pedal is a Wood Cutter (really nice Rat type) but it often just gets too mottled and crowded by its own nature. I needed something that did not sputter when distortion was called upon but didn’t want something that lost vintage tone and feel.

I landed on this pedal out of the hope that it could, somehow, not just be a metal dragon. My hope has been rewarded by sweet, sweet revelation. Yes, this thing rips right out of the gate. Even when the gain is all the way off, this pedal was designed to be heard. But you didn’t buy this pedal to be a simple boost. So what happens when the gain is turned up? Simply: beautiful distorted tone. The different modes or channels give you access to two other types of distortion that are subtle but appreciated because they serve as two different contexts.

Revv G3 Pedal Distortion

So what did this pedal bring me? A type of distortion that is tight, yet full. Roaring, yet controlled. Cutting, but never harsh (unless you dial out the mids and dial in all the highs). It has girth, it has grunt, but it has clarity!! It never flubs out. In all, do not fear the metal badge it often wears because of others putting that badge on this pedal. This pedal is simply a wonderful distortion pedal. And it will kick off whatever pedal you are currently relying on.)


Absolutely hands down the most versatile gainey overdrive/distortion pedal money can buy. I know this is super popular among the Prog-metal guys, but you can dial the high end (treble) and overdrive to smooth out and sound fantastic for a more “non-aggressive” sound. YES is certainly does the super chunky down tuned thing, but if you leave the aggression switch in the center, it’s incredibly responsive and cleans up to do spectacular low gain, expressive tones which I love. It also stays articulate when you back off your volume knob; something I didn’t think a pedal with this much gain would do well. The low end is tight and big sounding and even when you dime it, it doesn’t flub out.

The sound is a very tight modern distortion sound that you can tweak with a powerful EQ. Sometimes I kick on a sub octave pedal before this one to get some really amazing subs. It is a high gain pedal so you may hear a little hiss in the amp while not playing. Just throw in a cheap noise gate at the end of the chain and that goes away. One small gripe, when you kick on the pedal there is a small delay before it is activated, a fraction of a second thought. Just be sure to kick it on right before you plan to use it, or maybe its just my specific pedal doing this. Overall, this pedal is very well made and is easily the best Distortion pedal I own.