Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer Review

The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal preserves the original sound quality while reducing stronger signals and increasing weaker signals. For guitarists and bassists looking to sound their best, this is the ultimate pedal.

The CS-3 Compression Sustainer is a classic Boss pedal that has been on thousands of pedalboards for years, providing all the crunch and squash you could want with typical Boss durability and none of the noise linked with vintage compressors. There’s no better place to begin your compression journey than the Boss CS-3 Compression pedal if you’re just starting out.

Features CS-3

  • With high-quality circuitry, this compact compression/sustainer pedal is amazing.
  • For a comfortable overall sound, the compressor removes loud noises while boosting weaker noises.
  • For precise tonal shaping, the onboard Level, Tone, Attack, and Sustain knobs are available.
  • Low-noise design for super-quiet operation
Boss is a company that knows how to make pedals. They’ve been around for over 35 years, and their pedals are some of the best on the market. Today we’re going to take a look at the Boss CS3 Compression Sustainer Pedal. This pedal is perfect for guitar players who want to add more sustain to their solos. It’s also great for bass players who want more power and punch when playing low notes.

Benefits Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer – classic effect that you have to kind of feel to understand. Reasonably priced, get one for yourself and see how you like it. Makes twinkly quiet stuff sound great and works wonders w jazz stuff.

  • It is simple to use.
  • Great Box.
  • Excellent Shape.
  • Terrific Effect.
  • Cleans up your signal and gives you a nice, even, professional sound.
  • No loss of signal quality throughout any setting and it is perfect for my MIA Strat and Fender Mustang combo.
  • Handles immaculately and sounds great.

I like to give the Boss CS-3 a slight volume boost (10:00 on this particular pedal), and while doing this with the pedal by its’ self, there was no noise. It works well as an ‘always on’ pedal. It colors the tone slightly by adding warmth and squeeze, but that’s also the sound I like so I didn’t mind. If you want more highs, the tone knob works well. Overall, this was a great transaction.

My absolute favorite pedal. Can’t recommend enough. For the price and sound it’s impossible to beat. Attack and sustain knobs just allow such a strong clear signal to run through my rig (both features not available on the mxr dynacomp). I’m not a great player but I plugged this in and felt like jerry Reed. Boss Buffer keeps signal fat when running through a bunch of true bypasses. Such an essential

The tone knob really helps fine tune it to your rig, and the attack knob helps you maintain the initial transients of your note to help cut through live. I don’t miss my Xotic SP. This thing is now pulling double-duty on my board as a “Beatles Squash” effect, and an always-on tone sweetener. And so cheap. And it’s boss so it’ll outlast human civilization.


As a true believer in the use of compressor pedals to improve my guitar’s attack and tone and as the user of many different types pedals I have to confess to a real fondness for the Boss CS-3. To begin with it is not too complicated, using only easy to operate level ,tone, attack and sustain controls to control the sound to your amp. But it does this so well with 4 that you really don’t need anything more. For single coil use (strats and teles) I leave all the controls at 12 o’clock and use the level control only mostly to tun down the unit’s level. For humbucker equipped guitars (Les Pauls and SG’s) I turn the attack and sustain up to 2 o’clock.

Turning these 2 up too much on single coil guitar rigs can cause nasty feedback especially if your amps are loud …so becareful.. after that it’s fire and forget. I leave it on all the time and the depth of clarity and tone it adds to my playing is clearly audible. Its a must have pedal for me and well worth the price. and that’s No Bull. …Andy of Andy’s Amps

Pros: Simple operation, robust construction, great tone, good price and plenty of them around to compare and buy. Con’s: for Some too simple, big and relatively bulky compared to a modern mini mini pedals. Can cause noise in some rigs therefore some may need to use with a Noise Suppressor pedal such as a Boss NS-2.