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“Aguilar Amplification” has created a truly handy pedal for any bass player. This is a compression pedal. Often musicians are faced with the need to make the sound of the bass guitar less surround in order for it to sound more natural in conjunction with other musical instruments. Compressors are used for these purposes during live performances. The “Aguilar Amplification” engineers decided to leave full control over the compression to the guitarists themselves.

Bass compressor pedal from “Aguilar Amplification” is a compact gear just a bit bigger than a pack of cigarettes. The body of the novelty is made of durable aluminum with the corporate logo of the company “Aguilar” on the front cover. The signature color of the pedal is yellow. Also on the front cover are two controllers and a sturdy metal footswitch. One controller is dedicated to gain control. The second controls the degree of compression.

A distinctive feature of the novelty from the “Aguilar Amplification” company is the presence of the “True bypass” function, which will not let the sound disappear even after the pedal loses power. The manufacturer also announces high quality sound. The pedal will be available for purchase in early summer 2021.