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This story began with a passion for rock music. Ed Sheeran, like many musicians, loved listening to music as a child. He had his own idols. Eric Clapton occupied a special place among the idols. Ed was happy to meet his idol in 2015. Since then, the musicians began to communicate closely. Eric later gifted one of his guitars to Ed and asked him to take care of it. Clapton left his autograph on the back. Ed Sheeran was happy and kept his word. The guitar was constantly in the home studio and Ed rarely took it out of the house.

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However, while recording the new album, Ed Sheeran left the guitar in producer Joe Rubel’s home studio and went on tour. Unfortunately, during the tour, Joe’s house suffered a massive fire. The guitar was also damaged. Ed was overwhelmed, but Monty’s Guitars came with the help. They managed not only to restore the high-quality sound of the instrument, but also to preserve the unique signature of Eric Clapton on the back of the guitar. Considering the state of the guitar, as seen on the official Instagram account of “Monty’s Guitars”, they managed to perform a miracle. Ed Sheeran thanked Monty’s Guitars on the radio show and promised to take better care of the guitar.

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