Boss RE-2 Space Echo – Review

Boss RE-2 Space Echo
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Boss re-2 space echo pedal is a great addition to any guitarist’s pedalboard. It is designed to add depth and realism to your guitar playing, and is perfect for reverb-heavy genres like rock, metal, and blues. The pedal is also easy to use, with a simple footswitch and control knobs. However, some people may find the price too high, and the pedal may be too high in quality for some. Overall, the Boss re-2 space echo pedal is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality reverb pedal.

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is one of the most renowned and sought-after effect devices in music history, having been introduced in 1974 and manufactured for over 14 years. This tape-based classic continues to inspire musicians, producers, and audio mixers over four decades of its distinctive rhythmic echo sounds, warm character, and highly playable sonic oddities.

For the first time, the Space Echo’s real tone and behavior are available in the renowned BOSS small series with the RE-2. The RE-2 offers the coveted magic of the RE-201 in a pedalboard-friendly form factor, thanks to thorough R&D and our latest breakthroughs. The company that designed the original has achieved flawless detail.

RE-201 Space Echo

The RE-201 was a leader in its class when tape-based echoes were the norm in the music industry. It might create clean, single delays to deep, rhythmic reverberations and ambient washes thanks to three evenly spaced tape heads and a spring reverb tank. Many elements contributed to the RE-201’s appealing sound, including the natural compression of magnetic tape saturation, as well as the changing modulation generated by motor speed fluctuations, friction, and other factors. The Space Echo’s rich sonic recipe included analog preamp circuitry, which was but not least.

RE-201 Space Echo
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BOSS engineers have extensively recreated all of the intricate, non-linear characteristics that contribute to the RE-201’s legendary status in the development of the RE-2 and its bigger brother, the RE-202. We examined multiple RE-201s from the BOSS and Roland factory archive, as well as a pristine original unit. The tape path, record/playback mechanism, motor variations, preamp coloration, spring reverb character, and other aspects of the sound have all been recreated using new algorithms.

The RE-2 puts the original BOSS tiny pedal format to good use by capturing the full audio character of the RE-201. You may adjust the echo/reverb blend using independent level knobs, and you may tune in various virtual tape heads with or without spring reverb in the 11-position mode selector. The gradual pitch shift that occurs when increasing the Repeat Rate, as well as the runaway feedback that happens when maxing the Intensity knob, are both faithfully replicated. You may also create all of the natural modulation characteristics needed for the Space Echo sound with the expressive Wow & Flutter control.

With today’s music needs in mind, the RE-2 expands on the Space Echo experience. Tap tempo control is available, as well as a cool Twist function for producing evocative special effects while you play. Delay time has been doubled and tap tempo control is supported. The warm and fat RE-201 preamp tone or a clean signal with no processing are two options for the dry sound. It is possible to mute the dry signal for parallel effect configurations and studio applications, as well as full stereo I/O. External footswitches or an expression pedal, as well as continuous pedal control of numerous panel functions at the same time, are also supported by the RE-2.

Pros and Cons of Boss Re-2

The pros of the Boss re-2 space echo pedal include its high quality, realistic sound, and easy to use controls.

One issue some people may have with the Boss Re-2 space echo pedal is that it is a bit expensive. However, considering the quality of the product, this price seems reasonable. Additionally, many guitarists find that pedals like this are essential for adding depth and realism to their playing style.

Tech Specs

Boss re-2 space echo is a cost-effective audio solution that has a good sound quality. The bass could be better, but overall the sound is good. It can take a while to set up and get used to the controls, but once you’re done it’s easy to use. Some of the great features of Boss re-2 space echo include the ability to control the echo level, sound effects and tempo. Overall, the pros of boss re-2 space echo outweigh the cons, making it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective audio solution.

Features Boss RE-2

  • In a BOSS compact pedal, the genuine Roland RE-201 Space Echo sound and behavior are reproduced.
  • With an extended delay time, the original multi-head tape echo sound
  • There are 11 distinct sound combinations in the original three-head configuration.
  • With current stereo functionality, the vintage RE-201 spring reverb sound is achieved.
  • For varying degrees of natural tape modulation, use the Wow & Flutter control.
  • Pick between the raw analog dry sound or a modeled replica of the original Space Echo preamp
  • External footswitches or an expression pedal can be used to expand control.
  • True stereo input and output
  • BOSS five-year warranty


If you’re in the market for a new reverb pedal, be sure to give the Boss Re-2 space echo a try. It’s an excellent option for guitarists who want more depth and realism in their playing style, and it has good sound quality at a reasonable price.


Is Space Echo tape delay?

Yes, Space Echo is a tape delay pedal.

Is Boss Re 20 stereo?

Yes, Boss Re-2 space echo is stereo.

NPD: Boss RE-202! Detailed comparison to the RE-20 and lots of thoughts

First off, I want to start by saying that I’ve been using the Boss RE-202 for a few weeks now and overall it is a great reverb pedal. It has an extremely high quality sound and can do everything from subtlety shimmering reverbs to loudly pulsating effects.
I have been using the Boss Re-202 side by side with both the RE-20 and my trusty old Digitech DL4 (from when I first started playing guitar).

Boss RE-2 benefits

I’m going to start by saying that I was really impressed with the Boss re-2 space echo. It takes a lot of the good aspects of their earlier pedals and improves upon them, creating a great sounding pedal at an affordable price.
First off, the construction is superb. The pedal feels solid and well put together, with no rattles or noises. The controls are simple but effective, making it easy to dial in your sound without having to go through tons of menus or fiddling around with knobs.
The Boss re-2 space echo also sounds great