Best Tips From the Pro. Joanna Connor

Recently, legendary blues artist Joanna Connor told reporters about her guitars, how to choose a good guitar and what gears to use. We have highlighted the most important points from her interview for you.

Convenience and sound are everything. Be sure to play the guitar several times before purchasing. Give her a test. There are two things to pay attention to. First, the guitar should fit comfortably in your hand. The neck should not be too thick or too thin for comfortable play. The second factor is sound. We all buy guitar for good sound. Early in her career in the eighties, Joanna Connor’s first professional guitar was “Fender”. And this guitar had a thick neck. The artist could not get used to the instruments and had to get rid of him, despite the fact that it was “Fender”, and outside the window were eighties.

Tactile sensations matter. When you have to play 25-30 hours a week, spending this time side by side with your musical instrument, you want a certain level of comfort. Therefore, in addition to playing comfort and good sound, the guitar should bring pleasure at the level of tactile sensations.

Simplicity and reliability. When guitarists are just getting started, they dream of expensive musical instruments, amplifiers and pedals. But over time, you prefer simplicity and reliability. Joanna Connor uses a very practical set. Her main guitar is a “Gibson SG Standard”, which cost the singer half a thousand dollars. Joanna Connor prefers to use “Orange Amp Crush 120” as an amp. Today such gear can be found on Amazon for $ 400. When it comes to effects pedals, Joanna Connor mostly uses simple and reliable pedals from “Boss”. At the same time, the singer recorded her last album without using any pedal.

Appreciate good equipment. Once a fan presented Joanna Connor a unique “Gibson ES-335” guitar. It was a wonderful instrument, not unlike anything else in terms of usability and sound. But the singer had to sell it. She regrets this act to this day. 

Best guitar or perfect amp. If you have to choose between an expensive amplifier or an expensive guitar, you have to choose a guitar. The guitar is a faithful friend and helper. It should always make the musician happy and enjoyable.Humbuckers or single coils. Definitely humbuckers, with their help you can create dense, deep sound.

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