Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 – Review

Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10

The Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 is the perfect pedal for those who are looking to add a touch of elegance and refinement to their music. With its amazing stereo sound, this pedal provides endless possibilities for creating new and unique sounds. The RV-10 also features a built-in delay, which allows you to create even more complex and beautiful sounds. If you’re looking for a pedal that will take your music to the next level, then the Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 is the perfect choice for you!

Talking about a cheap but decent characteristics, in terms of sound and reliability, reverb pedals, the “Biyang” brand seams to be a balanced choice. The musical electronics brand “Biyang” has been producing gears for musicians since 2003. This is a Chinese company originally from Beijing. During its short history, the company has released a number of devices, but the Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 pedal has become the bestseller among any kind of guitarists.

Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 review

Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10, a ideal pick for aspiring guitarists on a budget, or those who are looking for inspiration and aim to find his own sounding with the help of some default reverb effects at a reasonable price. As we mentioned above, it has become a bestseller. And first of all because the sound. The reverberation effect sounds clear and deep even on moon position of every controller. But the average sound is not enough for the guitar pedal to be recognized as a bestseller. Biyang Tre Reverb RV-10 allows you to fine-tune the reverberation effect and achieve unexpected sounding combinations.

Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 Specs

Product Dimensions 14 x 6 x 9 cm; 350 Grams
Item model number ‎RV-10
Power Source ‎Battery Powered
Voltage ‎9 Volts
Item Weight ‎350 g


Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 equipped with tree reverberation modes:

  • Spring reverb sounds ambiance. We could say similarly to analog spring equipment.
  • Hall reverberation sounds lush and soft. Emulates the sounding inside the large space.
  • Room reverberation sounds voluminous, even fascinating.

As well Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 provides two sound settings: “A” and “B”. The difference in settings is the intensity of the effect. “Spring” sounds best in “A” mode, when “Hall” and “Room” sound best in “B” mode. But this is a matter of taste and style of music.

For more versatility Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 has two controllers:

  • Bland – controls the reverb volume.
  • Time – controls the reverb decay.

To get the best sound and not to distort the sound too much the best settings is to get both controllers to 1 o’clock.

In stock, guitarist has two INPUTS for *1*/4″ TS jack and two OUTPUTS for *1*/4″ TS jack. And yes, Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 provides stereo. According to power supply, it’s standard. The owner has two options: 9V battery or AC power adapter. The last one recommended.

Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 has remarkable appearance with “Baby Boom” series logo on the front side. The casing made of durable material which will last a long time. The dimensions of the pedal deserve special attention. With 4,5L – 2,5W – 2,2В parameters it’s appears to be the best bang for your pedalboard in terms of space savings.

But is it worth it? Here are some pros and cons of getting this particular pedal reverb for aspiring musicians.

Pros on Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10

Let’s start with the design terms, and the Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 has a small and light metal design of 12,5 lb but it is unexpectedly strong for its cost. With its strategic stereo and mono input/output port, it is ideal for live performances.

Now, in terms of functionality, this pedal is renowned for the vast amount of reverb sounds it can create. Thanks to its 3-mode switch and its A / B selection switch for subtly modifying sounds, it is possible to make a large number of combinations for various instruments, not just exclusive to guitar.

Likewise, this inexpensive pedal also gives the possibility of controlling the time and the mix of the sound, thanks to specific knobs that allow the changes and the size of the reverb. These being the main characteristics that favor this musical tool, but in terms of the technical section, we can also find other very promising features, giving more flexibility such as:

  • A current draw of 100 mA.
  • Use with 9v battery.
  • Use with 9v DC power supply.

Cons and what you should know

The Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 is not far from having problems, and it seems the most common has to do with hum problems in the background. To put it simply, it could sometimes give some distorted tones and strange background sounds, something that would be a problem for a professional musician.

You also have to consider it is value for money, and because of its cheap cost, it is quite fragile equipment for use. Likewise, this point is related to the fact it could lose functionality quality in less time than expected or even break with heavy use.
Another important fact is it does not includes its battery, and its use with a 9v battery is quite limited in terms of durability and functions. So it is better to use it with a good power supply.


It seems that the Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 is a good option for musicians on a budget, or even for aspiring guitarists and practitioners. It has good availability of sound modifications and good combinations, as well as easy and versatile use.
But for those who expect wide range of settings, stable sound without interference, and a reliable operation in all weather conditions for their reverb pedal, they might be a bit disappointed in such sound device. It’s up to you. But we are sure that Biyang Tri Reverb RV-10 deserves to place in the pedalboard of a good musician.

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