Boss BB-1X Bass Driver

Boss BB-1X Bass Driver

I didn’t know I needed this pedal, until I saw someone else using one. The sounds are great. I like a lot of distortion and noise. I feel like the BB-1X gives me the crazy sounds, but also has the ability to give me the bass and some distortion at the same time.

The Boss BB-1X bass pedal is intended to improve the tone of your bass overall. The BB-1X can deliver mild punch and drive to severe distortion, and it serves as a preamp. This pedal is a superbly useful recording tool that’s ready to extract the best bass tones from your next recording project thanks to dual outputs with a dedicated, balanced line-out.

Features BB-1X Bass Driver

The BB-1X Bass Driver is a high-end stompbox that will give your bass tone lots of punch and brightness. The BB-1X is like a preamp in that it generates high-quality sound and isn’t just a normal compact bass pedal. It emphasizes all of your bass, amp, and playing’s finest qualities while capturing the spirit and subtleties of your bass.

The BB-1X offers a diverse set of excellent sounds, from natural clean tones to severe distortion, thanks to BOSS’ latest MDP technology. It adapts to and responds to a variety of playing techniques and registers, but it never sacrifices your instrument’s body or fundamental tone. The high definition and dynamics present in your sound’s finest details are preserved by the BB-1X’s natural-sounding distortion.

To highlight your sound, the BB-1X offers a clean sonic contour that preserves your low end. By combining the direct sound with the effect sound, you may easily change your tone using the Blend knob. The Low, High, and Drive knobs allow for a tremendous variety of sound production. Not only do these controls influence the frequencies, but they also modify the tone’s sound. For reaching bigger audiences via a PA system, the BB-1x line out jack goes beyond a regular DI out, creating a freshly created and improved direct sound. The premium look, sound, and feel of the BB-1X are represented by the letter “1X” in its name. The BB-1X Bass Driver is a must-have for every modern bassist, whether you’re defining your standard tone or spicing up your sound for soloing.

In this video, I’m going to show you the Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal. This pedal is perfect for bass players who want to add some seriously beef to their sound. I’ve been using it for a while and it has totally changed my bass playing game. So if you’re looking for a new bass stompbox, then check out the Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Pedal!

Boss BB-1X Review

I’ve come back to this pedal after being a bit disappointed with it initially. Although it doesn’t have the guts of some other pedals I’ve found it useful in a band for adding presence without too much obvious distortion. It can sound a bit fizzy on its own but works well in context. The blend control definitely prevents the bottom end falling out. Handy little box.

It is a little lackluster compared to the ODB-3. It’s not as aggressive. The main feature that is the big difference between this and the ODB-3 is the blend knob. So if your original signal coming through without being reduced is important to you and you need a less aggressive gain version of the ODB-3, than this would be your tool.

Boss BB-1X Bass Driver Review

I like the light settings that keeps your low end intact and gives this nice extra growl. I used it for both active and passive basses with great results in live and recording situations. I think this is besides my pre-amp my most used pedal.

I like this BB-1X a lot. It is quiet hard to describe how it affects your sound and tone. This Boss pedal does add compression, fatness, wooliness and character to your tone and the drive is more of a fuzzy distortion than it is a simple overdrive. I recommend that you hear its character before buying because this pedal has its really own voicing. It’s a matter of taste. Personally I like it a lot and it will make wonders in rock, garage or prog music situations! I put 9 stars because once engaged, your signal wont bypass the eq and character of the pedal, no matter how much you turn the blend button on. So for recovering your own clean signal the only solution is to switch it off, the blend won’t do much unfortunately.

9 Total Score

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