Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus

The CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal offers a split-frequency chorus effect that may be used to accentuate the higher frequencies without compromising the lows. For bassists, it’s the ultimate chorus pedal.

Over the years I’ve tried many Chorus products. This is the first Bass centric one I ever bought. I like the filter option it has, where you can dial in how much of the effect you want in the Low end. This can create a very subtle effect in the high end, and leaves all of your low end intact. This unit sounds great for fretless Basses. However, if you are looking for wonky Chorus effects and artifacts, this won’t be the pedal for you. It will however, give you excellent spatial tone, when coupled with a nice sounding Bass to begin with. I originally considered buying the MXR equivalent product to this. Which has a built-in fixed crossover switch. This did not have the variable aspect of the CEB-3. So, I ended up not buying it.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Pedal. This pedal is perfect for bass players looking to add some extra flavor to their songs. It has multiple effects that can be controlled with the footswitches, and it also has a looper that can be used to create extended solos. We highly recommend this pedal if you’re looking for something that will help you stand out from the rest.

You have better control over blend of effect and natural tone and the unit has a warmth to it that fits in the mix. The MXR BCD is great but not as warm as the CEB-3.

Great pedal with a lot of variety — the ability signal split your wet and dry sounds makes it great for metal guitar as well as bass! It definitely gives that Justin Chancellor/Tool sound, and it’s Boss, so you know it’s probably going to outlive you.

The pedal sounds great for bass guitar and baritone guitar (A stand and B standard tuning) due to its low band filter which clears up the muddy lows. I like it more than the CH-1 which I also currently own.

Its got that specific depth you’d expect from a Chorus pedal. I love the low rate knop. It gives you extra chorus on the low end.

Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus Review

I’m very happy with this unit. I was looking for something that would work in a studio recording without being too difficult to set up or dial in. I’m happy with the range of sounds, and it is very easy to use!

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