Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus

With crystal-clear highs and a unique stereo effect, the CH-1 Super Chorus pedal delivers a clean classic chorus sound.

The Boss CH-1 has been a part of many hit albums since its introduction in 1989. The classic clean swirls that have become typical at this point are created by Level, EQ, Rate, and Depth knobs feeding into a stereo out. For a vibe effect, crank it all the way up; for mild thickening, keep it low.

Features Boss CH-1

  • For guitar and keyboards, the classic BOSS chorus pedal offers a clean, bright tone.
  • The Effect Level, EQ, Rate, and Depth knobs give you control over the sound’s shaping.
  • For connection to dual amps, there is a Mono input and Stereo outputs.
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus – a great tool for adding that extra touch to your guitar playing. This chorus is perfect for electric and acoustic guitars and can give your songs that special edge. Check it out now and see the difference for yourself!

Benefits CH-1 Chorus

This pedal has a ton of configurations, I mainly use it for a stereo rig. With a one guitar band, you can have one of the outs go to another amp and you get a nice stereo effect, it really fills out the room. If the effect is subtle enough, it sounds like you have 2 guitarists. I use it in a limited capacity, so I can’t really speak to getting crazy with it. I can compare it to a micro mono chorus I have, and this beats that one by miles.

  • It can do the 80s thing but it can also do a nice soft vintage warble too.
  • Use it with two amps for a superb stereo sound.
  • The stereo capabilities and EQ/Level knobs make it worth while.
  • Broadens the spectrum for guitar leads.
  • Beautiful sustain.
  • Great chorus to use with distortion!
  • A dreamy, ethereal sound with some real fullness to it!
  • Is very quiet, clean and has the perfect amount of depth and roundness to its chorus tone.
  • Works perfectly with crunch.
  • I find it to be really deep and warm, while also having that classic chorusing brilliance to it ,without being shrill.


The Boss CH-1 Super Chorus is the benchmark from which all other Chorus pedals are judged. I have been using one for many many years to thicken my guitar tone. It’s the exact same pedal as it has never failed me. Since I started playing guitar in the late 1970’s, I used every version. When Boss would release a new Chorus pedal I would be one of the first o buy one and then sell my old one. Apparently this most recent Boss CH-1 Super Chorus has changed from analog to digital. I couldn’t tell so I contacted Boss to confirm. They told me that the CH-1 Super Chorus is now digital. That’s okay because modulation effects tend to sound better in digital format. I have tried other Brands however I have stuck by Boss as they seem to sound the best to me and they never break.

I have owned every Boss Chorus pedal, some of them multiple times over. In my personal opinion, this is the best of the Boss compact Chorus pedals to use in a live band situation. The CE- pedals sound great, but the Effect Level knob on the CH-1 is key. It acts as a mix control to dial in the perfect amount of Chorus. This allows you to have either a very subtle Chorus tone, or a very noticeable one. It’s up to you. I also think the CH-1’s tone knob is more intuitive and less complicated than the tone filtering knobs of the Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble. The CH-1 comes in analog and digital versions. People will say that they don’t hear a difference between the two, but I can tell you unequivocally there is. The digital version is a bit brighter and cleaner, while the analog version is warmer and fuller. There is no better or worse here, just get the version that best fits your application.

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus Review

I’m reviewing the old (1980s?) analog version of this pedal that I picked up here at Reverb – I’m not sure whether/how the new digital version compares. But the analog version is wonderful – warm, smooth, subtle. It doesn’t sound as huge as some chorus pedals do, but that’s what I like about it – it doesn’t overwhelm your tone, but it certainly warms and fattens it. The tone control is also very useful. I’ve tried two other chorus pedals (Digitech Nautila, Moog Minifooger), one analog, the other digital, and this has been my favorite of the three. Warmer than the Moog, which I found a bit metallic (but interesting), and also warmer than the Digitech, which sounded huge and had a ton of tones, but always had a bit of digital coldness (which was also cool at times, but not what I was looking for). Anyway, I highly recommend this one.

This pedal was the missing piece to my tone. I don’t want to turn it off and I don’t care if chorus sounds “dated”. I love it. The CH-1 is awesome, sturdy, and sounds great. I’ve listened to the demos and the CE-2 is definitely the best sounding, but the CH-1 gets plenty close in my opinion and I really enjoy having a mix knob. It does not make wild sounds, but if you want something that works, buy it.

It took me awhile but I finally found that the FX Level knob is really a blend knob. Now it resides again on my board for a long haul. This is a great classic chorus that I just always thought colored my sound too much.

Now I’ve got it set to thicken my tone a bit. It’s actually hardly even heard but that’s when I think effects shine. Using the blend knob fixed everything for me with this pedal. BTW, mine is a newer surface mount version. Very quiet pedal. None of the other chorus pedals had a blend so I’ll be selling them.

10 Total Score

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