Boss DC-2W Dimension C

Boss DC-2W Dimension C

The original BOSS and Roland Dimension effect are both back, and they’re more versatile than ever! The DC-2W gives not just a superb sound replica of the original DC-2 Dimension C pedal, but also the legendary SDD-320 Dimension D studio rack effect it was modeled on. It is designed in the Waza Craft analog tradition. The DC-2W has an identical straightforward four-button preset interface as the original ’80s-era effects, but with electronic switching that gives access to a wider range of sound possibilities that weren’t accessible on the vintage devices.

The Dimension is highly desired by musicians and audio engineers because of its unique spatial processing, which magically expands the wideness and depth of any sound, from electric and acoustic guitars to keyboards, vocals, and other sources. The DC-2W is the sole pedal available that provides the genuine Dimension experience with full sound authenticity. It is based on the original circuit designs and updated with contemporary improvements.

  • All-analog audio circuitry in the Premium Waza Craft pedal
  • The DC-2 Dimension C pedal’s original sound is given by standard mode.
  • The Roland SDD-320 is accurately recreated in SDD-320 mode.
  • A mythical studio rack effect can be heard on countless hit CDs, Dimension D.
  • Reliable electronic switches and LED status indicators have been added to the iconic four-button preset interface.
  • Each mode has four primary sounds, as well as six distinct variations that may be created by pressing two buttons together (20 total sounds).
  • Premium buffer and bypass circuitry are included.
  • From guitar and bass pedalboards to keyboards and studio mixing, versatile I/O is ideal for integrading with any mono or stereo application.

Natural Width and Depth can help you sound better

The Dimension effect’s cutting-edge 3D spatial processing is well known for making everything sound a bit better. It’s often referred to as a chorus effect, but that’s not correct. The Dimension’s circuit is very unusual and sophisticated, effectively widening and deepening the source audio without any obvious modulated movement, while being time-based like a chorus. The finished sound is more spacious and lifelike, without making any instrument or mix sound overly processed.

Four Switches, Expanded Sonic Possibilities

The DC-2W provides a basic and direct interface with four preset switches that offer sonic changes in increasing width and depth, similar to the original Dimension effects. The DC-2W has contemporary electronic switches and status LEDs, as compared to the original’s mechanical ones. You may also press two buttons at the same time to access a wider range of tones on the new switches. With only four switches, 20 distinct Dimension variations are available across the DC-2W’s two effect modes (S and SDD-320).

The Boss DC-2W Dimension C pedal is the perfect way to add depth and dimension to your playing. With its 3-band EQ, it is perfect for shaping your sound exactly how you want it. The pedal also includes a built-in Wah Wah effect and a Boost button that will give you that extra boost of volume you need when taking the stage.

Boss DC-2W – Authentic Tones with Modern Refinements

The DC-2W offers vintage analog tones with contemporary design improvements for better performance and versatility in the Waza Craft tradition. The pedal includes a newly developed internal bypass circuit that improves on the original DC-2’s, as well as new electronic mode switches. Furthermore, the pedal can blend in with any mono or stereo rig from basic guitar rigs to audio interfaces and studio mixing consoles thanks to its versatile I/O. The DC-2W also features a premium buffer circuit for ultra-transparent tone when the pedal is switched off, as do all Waza Craft pedal models.

A Studio Legend: The Roland SDD-320 Dimension D

The Roland SDD-320 Dimension D became a go-to secret weapon for audio engineers and music producers across the globe almost immediately after its introduction in 1979. It’s still widely used today and can be heard on countless classic records in various genres. The Dimension D injects instant spatial mojo and sonic glue without creating an obvious “effect” sound, from guitars, electric pianos, and synths to strings, backing vocals, and more.

In every way, the SDD-320 mode of the DC-2W captures the original Dimension D vibe. Several engineers like to create new and distinct sounds by pressing multiple buttons on the Dimension D rack. However, with this undiscovered capability, there are really just two distinct sound modifications that may be done. When two buttons are pressed, the DC-2W’s SDD-320 mode enables six sound changes, including four “in-between” sounds and two entirely new voices.

Boss DC-2W Dimension C
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3D Sound in a Compact Pedal: The BOSS DC-2 Dimension C

The DC-2 Dimension C pedal, introduced in 1985, delivered the Dimension D’s distinctive spatial effect to the BOSS compact pedal format. The DC-2 was created for mono sources like guitar, and features a modified circuit that generates a Dimensions effect with a somewhat distinctive tonal flavor than the Dimension D, which was intended as a studio effect that supported both mono and stereo input sources.

The DC-2W delivers the precise sound of the original DC-2 pedal when S (Standard) mode is chosen. Despite the fact that players pushed multiple buttons on the DC-2, no sound variations were produced. In the DC-2W’s S mode, pressing two buttons at once grants access to six distinct “in-between” tones that are not accessible on the original DC-2. Similar to SDD-320 mode, this allows access to a variety of different sounds.

Waza Crafts: The Art of High Quality

BOSS engineers have always worked toward producing the best guitar sounds, using whatever technology is required, from traditional analog circuits to cutting-edge DSP. The Waza Craft series adds to this passionate attitude, delivering superb tone and touch response thanks to carefully selected analog parts, refined circuitry, and meticulous attention to detail. The pinnacle of BOSS design and craftsmanship is represented by the Waza symbol, which is used in Japan to refer to art and technique. These special edition pedals proudly carry the Waza symbol.

Benefits Boss DC-2W Dimension C

  • It captures the sounds of the Dimension C pedal and its predecessor the Roland Dimension D rack mount effect.
  • The build quality quality of the parts are excellent.
  • Sounds like the 80’s which I’m a big fan of and I like the two modes with the SDD being a bit darker.
  • This is the perfect chorus for your stereo rig. It adds just enough movement to your guitar tone to provide that “doubled” sound you’re looking for.
  • Even in mono mode it is awesome.
  • I like a small amount of subtle chorus to create a little thickness and movement.
  • It works so well with dirt—both fuzz and drive—and it sounds all sparkly when clean.
  • Also works great for those Gilmour The Wall live doppola type modulation sounds, especially since it plays so nice with the Ram’s head big muff.
  • This is all “presets” but they are excellent and very usable presets.
  • With the 10 total sounds in each mode, and 2 modes, it gives 20 different sounds.


At first I had some doubts about this pedal, but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a very subtle chorus-like effect, but not a chorus at all. No knobs to worry about, just press a few buttons, set it and forget it! There’s no optimal setting on this pedal, each setting is its own thing. You just have to experiment with it, check out every possible combination, you have 20 different settings in all! Very 80s sound: Prince, Andy Summers, David Gilmour, SRV, Alex Lifeson, Def Leppard, Duran Duran … yes, it’s pricey, but gets the job done. I recommend placing it in front of the amp and/or overdrive pedals, not in the effects loop.

This is the perfect modulation pedal for me. It has elements of chorus and even flange while avoiding the extremes of both. What it gives you instead is space, depth, and shimmer – things you may not have known you wanted but will miss dearly once they’re gone. The addition of the SDD sounds and ability to combine patches (try 2 & 3 together) puts the Waza version over the top. I admit the DC-2w may not be for everyone; with no knobs and therefore limited ability to tweak, you’re either going to like how it sounds or you’re not. I LOVE how it sounds. It’s an always-on pedal for me and has become an indispensable part of my guitar tone.

9 Total Score

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