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BOSS introduces a new series of pedals called the 200 series, which offers sophisticated sound and versatility in a compact package that saves board space. Operation is simple and intuitive with grab-and-go buttons and multi-function switches, while onboard memory allow you to store numerous configurations for quick recall. All 200 series pedals offer footswitch, expression pedal, and MIDI control support. They all feature high-quality audio with 32-bit internal processing.

User Memory Expansion was introduced in version 1.1 of the software.

The BOSS 200 series gets more freedom with the free Version 1.1 software update, allowing for greater onboard memory capacity for storing and recalling sounds. There are currently 128 user configurations to choose from. MIDI program change may also be used to recall setups. Each 200 series pedal has a version 1.1 update available in the Downloads section.

Features Boss MD-200 Modulation

  • With 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and 96 kHz sample rate, the sound quality is class-leading.
  • There are twelve different modulation modes to choose from.
  • Three parameter knobs that change function with the selected mode, as well as dedicated rate, depth, and level controls.
  • Before or after mod effects, use the Insert Loop function to position external pedals.
  • From the panel or through a MIDI program change, you may access 128 user setups.
  • Using a footswitch or dedicated panel button, recall previous memories as well as real-time panel settings.
  • Flanger, phaser, and auto wah effects for guitar or bass are all optimized globally.
  • To prevent unauthorized modifications, the Property Panel Lock is enabled.
  • Tap tempo, memory selection, and more are all customizable multi-function footswitches
  • Extensive control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, and MIDI is supported.
  • Mini TRS jacks (BMIDI-5-35 adaptor cable available separately) are used to provide full MIDI I/O.
  • For firmware upgrades, there is a Micro USB jack.
  • Running on three AA batteries or a PSA-series AC adaptor.

MD-200 – One Pedal is a Mod Essentials that has twelve different Modulations

The MD-200 is compact and powerful, delivering all of the important mod effects in a tiny space. Phaser, flanger, rotary, vibrato, and tremolo are among the vintage and modern BOSS chorus effects included. There’s also a choice of vintage sounds and phaser effects, as well as distortion for extra versatility. The rich Overtone effect offers big octave tones and unique sound colors, while BOSS’s famed Slicer provides a plethora of cool rhythmic grooves. When an expression pedal is connected, there’s a highly adjustable auto wah that may also serve as a foot wah.

Dial in Sounds Fast

The MD-200 makes it simple to create wonderful tones on the fly due to its straightforward and direct interface. You may quickly adjust rate, depth, and level for any chosen mode by using dedicated controls. While playing, you can also tap in the rate using a footswitch, and the panel will visually divide notes for you. In addition, three additional parameter knobs change functions dynamically as you switch between modes, allowing for more tone shaping without resorting to the menu.

Save and recall your favorite set-ups using the Next button

There are 128 different configurations to pick from in the MD-200, which has 127 user presets and a real-time panel setting. Scrolling access from a footswitch can be assigned to any range of consecutive memories and the panel setting. You may also restrict the scrolling range and/or immediately recall memories for even quicker recall. Setup may also be recalled directly via program change messages from an external MIDI device if you want further control.

For the best tone, instantly change the effect order

You may connect external pedals, set the ideal effect sequence, and save the settings to an onboard memory using the MD-200’s insert loop attribute. In one memory, you may have a phaser or vintage vibe before an external pedal, and in the next, a chorus or flanger after it. When using drive pedals, the signal sequence has a significant influence on the selected mod sound, making this particularly valuable.

Boss MD-200 Modulation – Deep Real-Time Control

By default, the MD-200 multi-function footswitches are used to bypass, memory scroll, and tap tempo, but you may change them if you require. MIDI I/O is also available on space-saving mini TRS jacks, and external control via footswitches or an expression pedal is also possible. You may control different functions from MIDI devices like the ES-8 and ES-5 effects switchers via MIDI, and you may connect numerous 200 series pedals together to choose memories on all of them at once.

Benefits Boss MD-200 Modulation

  • All the great modulation effects you would expect from Boss with an easily laid out intuitive control set.
  • With the latest update you get over 100 user presets.
  • Midi controllable if you so desire. MIDI control gives added versatility, especially if using foot controller.
  • You get a great fuzz and usable overdrive sound to add to the gain stages already on you board.
  • Awesome uni-vibe, slicer and chorus (of course).
  • Was not expecting to love the overtone setting so much.


I don’t typically use a lot of modulation effects. Was hoping this would be the only modulation pedal I would need. It is definitely incredibly versatile but after having it on my board for almost a year, I found that I never really bonded with it. I would always have to refer back to the manual to know what parameters each knob was adjusting for each effect. Most of the effects sounded pretty great on their own but in most cases I found that I didn’t really like the way they interacted with drive pedals. Some of these issues may have simply been due to the fact that I didn’t get to know the pedal well enough but I ended up replacing it with an analog Chorus/Vibrato/Phaser pedal that is much more my speed.

I have some of the standalone pedals the MD-200 emulates – the SL-20, the CE-20, RT-20 and BF-3. I got the MD-200 to replace all of those, but it unfortunately just doesn’t sound as good. The two chorus modes and the tremolo sound best (I mean, not too hard to have a decent tremolo, so that’s not a big deal). The flanger, rotary, phasers and vibe on this thing sound bad; very muddy, brittle, and digital.

Boss MD-200 Modulation
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They sound even worse with dirt – it just sounds like a big mess. Overtone is a cool effect, but I would have preferred a blend option like the original pedal provides rather than a master volume only. Stereo doesn’t sound very good with this pedal, specifically for the flanger. The actual BF-3 has a great, lush stereo spread, while the MD-200’s is a bit flat. The added fuzz in the vintage phaser and univibe settings are laughably bad. They sound weirdly hollow and muffled, I couldn’t stand them. There are definitely some positives with this thing. Being able to route dirt pedals before or after the effects is good (but that sacrifices stereo). Expression-pedal out is awesome, since you can control any parameter with the expression pedal and map it differently per setting. Having four presets is nice, and more you can access with midi or with the Rate knob. I also like being able to set the BPM, which helps with recording. Having a tap-tempo function for every setting is also very nice.

That said, positive functions don’t make up for a crappy sound. If you absolutely need phaser, flanger, chorus, vibrato, rotary, overtones, etc. on your board, and you need to save space, then I recommend getting a different multi-mod (maybe a Terraform or a Mobius? I don’t know, I’ve never tried those). If you only really use one or two of these effects, anyway, then I recommend just sticking with the original units. If you only play clean, the MD-200 is a little better, but if you want to put distortion into this thing then don’t even think about it. At the end of the day I don’t recommend this thing. I sold it and put my CE-20, BF-3 and wah back on the board. Takes up more space, but I’d rather have a few reliable standalones than one sub-par multi-mod.

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