Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone

Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone Review

The MO-2 Multi Overtone is powered by Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP), and it uses your guitar’s harmonic characteristics to create a variety of amazing new sounds.

Boss has developed the MO-2 Multi Overtone using a Multi-Dimensional Processing technology known as MDP. Your guitars harmonics are used to create a variety of new sounds with this pedal. The MO-2 has three different sound modes and three knobs for extreme tonal adjustment, as well as rich harmonics that complement rather than overtake your guitar’s sound. The Boss MO-2 may brighten up any input tone with cool harmonics because it is a pedal that responds very well to both clean and dirty signals.

Features Boss MO-2

  • Next-generation BOSS compact pedal with innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing, realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP.
  • Amazing, harmonically rich tones that complement and enhance your basic guitar tone.
  • It sounds fantastic on both clean and distorted guitar sounds, as well as bass guitar.
  • Volume changes and playing dynamics are instantly noticeable.
  • Three distinct sound modes, with simple adjustments for tonal range

Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone is a unique and useful guitar effect pedal that can be used to add a range of different sounds to your guitar playing. This pedal was designed specifically for metalheads and bass players, but can be used by any guitarist looking for a new edge in their sound.

In this video, we are going to show you how to use this pedal and give you some tips on how to get the most out of it. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, make sure to watch this video and learn something new!

Benefits Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone

  • Lovely multi-octave effects with filter and/or modulation.
  • It offers very specific flavors that might not cater to the widest range of tastes, but if you like non-vintage sounds, this might be right for you.
  • In single notation bits it sounds like an organ is backing up the guitar.
  • Can make your guitar sound like an organ or a 12 string.
  • Even works well with chords.


I only heard of this pedal’s existence on the JHS show . It is strangely and definitely my favorite pedal right now. It can add multiple strings to your notes or chords(great fullness to chords), do these awesome swelling/rotary organ sounds(definition initially, then wafting organ into the air) or just add a bright modulation(beauty, eh) to sound.

It isn’t a crazy delay with a 1000 variations , it’s a focused ability that is just really, really good. After trying it out, you may say “that’s cool”, but maybe you’d question the reason for this pedal’s existence and its limited scope. All you need to do, is just mix this with compression, or delay, or reverb, or distorted fuzz w/side of flanger or whatever. This thing gets off the hook, when mixed in. The tones with compressed delay where of course, insanely tripped out, but just beautiful with a warm luster(no discord without trying). The notes would brightly emerge and a lazy river of swell would wash over them.

Boss MO-2 Multi Overtone Review

I also found turning the effect down for some sweet background fullness worked with everything I tried. I’m not saying the Boss Mo-2 is the answer to your poor life choices or it’s the chosen vessel to lead us all to an altered state of bliss. What it is though, is an awesome “sleeper” effect pedal. Dude, no one knows about this yet and it’s so fun! It’s so fun that I wrote a stupid review no one may ever read. Give it a shot, it’s at least as cool as Kim Deal.

I love this effect and the full range of notes that it can produce solely due to the fact that both full chords and solo’s sound amazing. Especially love the sounds produced when playing into a tube screamer, digital dimension or any chorus effect and then into the Multi Overtone. Basically this effect is what you want if you have a harmonist and won’t ever get out of it … put simply. The deTuning feature is cool but I have yet to find a genre or sound where it would fit! Endless possibilities if you like to play around with different effects and the sounds they can produce.

8.5 Total Score

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