Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

Hard rock, thrash, and punk bassists have been waiting for chest-resonating distortion from the ODB-3 Bass OverDrive. For bass applications, this hot compact pedal has been created.

The Boss ODB-3 is the ideal introductory product into the world of bass overdrive, as it is specifically tailored to deliver your bass into that booming low-end realm. An EQ circuit is built into the pedal, while a balance control adjusts the amount of overdrive.

Features Boss ODB-3

The BOSS ODB-3 is a pedal for bass players that gives the musician the ability to work with distortion and overdrive effects. It retains the right tone at any level of overdrive and allows you to control bass and treble for the necessary coloring of the sound when playing the blues. If you play a quiet rhythm, you get a light overdrive, and with an aggressive style of performance will be a full-fledged distortion. This pedal is recommended for playing hard rock, thrash and punk rock styles.

“The BOSS ODB-3 has four control knobs and one ring. The LEVEL knob adjusts the level of the effects, BALANCE adjusts the tone of the sound accordingly, GAIN adjusts the balance between clean and processed signal. Finally, the EQ knob and the EQ ring control the treble and bass tweaks, respectively, with trimming at the leftmost position. A large pedal on the body allows you to turn off the effects instantly.

BOSS ODB-3 effects pedal is made in a rugged metal case, resistant to external mechanical impacts. The device is powered by a standard nine-volt “Krona” battery, while the current consumption does not exceed 15 mA: this means that the device will not occupy unnecessary outlets, and the power will not turn off at the most inopportune moment. There is also an activity LED. The expected battery life is up to 26 hours.

It’s a nice little pedal, and built like a tank. I like Boss pedals for that reason. Quiet in operation (no hum or hiss). In operation I’ve found it more suited to my needs if I make just small adjustments to just enter overdrive territory. However, those who want a more brittle, metal tone won’t be disappointed, as that is it’s forte. I use it just enough to dirty-up a clean Ampeg sound at low volumes, and as such suits my needs well.

Very good effects with a good depth for what it does. It doesn’t have the EQ/sonic range some more elaborate pedals have but it doesn’t have the noisy byproduct many of them have either. If you’re looking for a true distortion pedal, ranging from dirt to fuzz, this is a good one. It blows away others in its class (except for the MXR, which is almost as good as the Boss) and I’ve tried them all.

Review Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

This is a great pedal for bass players like myself who need a boost or to be louder than normal at some points(or one could leave it on if playing metal/hardcore/punk) but don’t want need the distortion/fuzz effect. This pedal sounds great even while placing it in front of other effect pedals such as chorus or delay. After splinters of light started to crack through the walls, I knew that this pedal held the keys to the kingdom of low end. For a Boss pedal it is mighty but yet manages to stay calm, cool and collected when the walls start shaking. Great pedal!

Awesome pedal! I was using the Boss SD-1 and while I liked, I found the bottom end dropping out. With this pedal I’m able to bring the low end back. To my ears, I really like the distortion but be aware that a little goes a long way. I have the gain barely turned up and the blend right up the middle. Gives me some grit but still have plenty of definition and low end. Don’t know if I would pay full price but it’s a Boss pedal, you can always find used for a good price.

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Review

The odb-3 has such versatile features. You can balance your dry and gain so you can get a really thick blend of tone. It also has a very nice eq where you can fine tune many different tones out of this pedal. For bass you can get a nice warm bite all the way to heavy saturated drive, super ballsy. Same with guitar you can get a plethora of tones that just sound fantastic! Definitely recommend picking one up for either guitar or bass, definitely a must have for a studio. You can’t go wrong with this pedal!

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