Boss TE-2 Tera Echo

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo Review

The Boss TE-2 Tera Echo generates a dynamic new stereo ambience effect that goes far beyond conventional delay and reverb, thanks to Multi-Dimensional Processing technology (MDP).

Features Boss TE-2

  • Next-generation BOSS compact pedal with Multi-Dimensional Processing, built using proprietary technology and custom DSP, was unveiled.
  • Rich, spacious echo and atmosphere effects.
  • Sharply boosts the direct tone without overwhelming it.
  • The ambient sound for lead backing and sound effects is held by the freeze function.
  • Volume changes and playing dynamics are instantly reflected.
  • With just a few knobs, you can adjust the sound to a wide range.

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo – Multi-Dimensional Processing for Superior Tone

Roland’s Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) is a technique that extracts information from audio signals in numerous directions and applies optimum effects. MDP can produce bold, new sounds with a previously unattainable range of expression by providing distinct dynamic changes in real time relative to the input signal.

Model 100 of the BOSS Compact Series

With the 100th model in the long history of the BOSS compact series, the TE-2 Tera Echo represents a landmark. Millions of players around the world have relied on BOSS stompboxes to express themselves since the release of the OD-1 Overdrive in 1977. The TE-2 continues the BOSS legacy of bringing innovative, forerunningedge technologies to musicians all around the world, fueled by a dedication to devotion and creativity that began nearly four decades ago.

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TE-2: Inspirational Echo

The TE-2 has a new ambience effect that is satisfying and inspires thanks to MDP. The straight guitar tone is dramatically improved by complex internal processing, which produces an incredibly deep and wide sound. An enormous variety of tones may be created using the TE-2’s basic stompbox controls and superb sensitivity to your playing dynamics. You can also keep the current effect sound while building complex soundscapes for lead performance and sonic exploration using the expressive Freeze function.

Benefits Boss TE-2

The algorithm in this unit is better than the TE settings on the DD200 and DD500. You might think that to be weird, as there’s so much more parameters to control on the big boxes, but I tell you the original is the best. It’s far more dynamic and big sounding in stereo and there’s quite a bit of flexibility. The unique ADR technology used in the original responds to your playing in ways the big boxes do not. Huge difference. Setting the tone low on this is where you can get a lot of magic without the weird trails. Setting the time low creates a crazy cool slapback. With the tone higher up, trem picking creates a massive wash that’s hard to describe. It will take some time to find the right settings for any particular passage you’re playing, but once you find it there’s just nothing like it. The absolute best use for this pedal, in my opinion, is stacking with other delays or reverbs. Because the TE2 has such a unique reverb trail going on, those repeats from another delay pedal hitting the TE2 will morph into a cascade of gorgeous, otherworldly tones. It’s quite beautiful and incredibly addictive.

Boss TE-2 Tera Echo
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  • The freeze function is amazing.
  • The various ambient sounds are great !
  • Highly recommended for soundscapes and layering songs.
  • Adds a huge full sound to any guitar and amp that I have tried it in.
  • The background “wash” this provides to my other delay and reverb pedals is such a pleasent sound! Very intriguing dynamics!

Echo verbs just welling up underneath with more subtle blending adds that missing dimension to your bass and is missed when it’s not on. A percussive slap on the strings makes this pedal purr at you! Great for quiet passages when controlled with refined technique. Different right and left hand movements, plucks, taps, slaps and strums coax different responses from the pedals internal sensitivities. Once you and the tera echo learn each others feel, you will reach total harmonic convergence.


If you’re looking for a pedal that gives you a unique wash of sound, this could be the one you need. Something like a delay and reverb combined, your playing dynamics heavily affect how it repeats your notes. Hit it hard, and it’ll create a sound somewhere between dripping and laser sound effects based on how you set the “S-Time”. Play softer, and your notes will blend together musically as they trail on. I’d recommend using this as an effected sound, like a phaser or chorus, rather than using it as your only delay. It sounds great, but will not do clean digital delays like a DD-7 or similar digital delay pedal. I use it for shorter passages, or I set the feedback beyond 3 o’clock and have it oscillate. I really enjoy this pedal and recommend it if you’re looking for something unique. 

9.5 Total Score

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