Boss Waza Craft FZ-1W Brief Review – Old And New In One Box

Global guitar gear manufacturer Boss has announced a new “Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W” fuzz guitar pedal. The Boss “Waza” series of pedals have become popular by recreating the sounds of many legendary pedals. “But the Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W” pedal is an exception. This guitar pedal has two modes. The first mode makes the sound of the “fuzz” guitar effect more vintage, classic. The second mode allows you to achieve a modern sounding effect.

According to company representatives, “Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W” in “retro fuzz” mode will sound aggressive and deep. This mode assumes high sensitivity to dynamic touching of the strings. In other words, the faster and harder the guitarist will hit the strings, the more pronounced the “fuzz” effect will be. This is a more specific mode that may not be suitable for all musicians. The second mode is more versatile. The “Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W” guitar pedal will sound richer in this mode, especially in the midrange.

In terms of exterior and functionality, the “Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W” guitar pedal has remained true to tradition. Any guitarist will immediately recognize the signature shapes and colors of Boss pedals. Three controllers are responsible for sound control. The “Level” controller adjusts the output volume. The “Fuzz” control adjusts the intensity of the effect. The “Tone” control allows you to adjust the equalization. In the central part there is a mode switch. The “V” option stands for vintage mode. The “M” option  means modern mode.

Boss Waza Craft FZ-1W Brief Review - Old And New In One Box
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According to the creators, the “Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W” pedal was created on the basis of another “fuzz” pedal – “Waza Craft Fuzz – Boss TB-2W” and the many years of experience of the “Waza Craft” team, which thoroughly studied many guitar pedals for to implement the best solutions in “Boss Waza Craft – FZ-1W”. The number one in the title is a tribute to all the engineers and their guitar pedals that led to the creation of the novelty.

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