Brand New Guitar From Legendary Amps Manufactory

The famous British company producing the legendary “Orange” amplifiers has released the first electric guitar. The company has been manufacturing guitar gears for over fifty years. Orange amplifiers are used by many famous musicians. But up to this point, the company was not in the business of producing guitars.

Orange Custom Guitar or OE-1 is a unique development by two experts in the field of guitar equipment. The “Orange Custom Guitar” was designed by luthier Jason Burns. He worked for the renowned company “Blast Cult” for many years, which produces custom guitars. The OE-1 was designed by Ade Emsley, who is currently the CTO of Orange Music Electronic Company.

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How is the OE-1 different from the rest of the guitars? The first thing that catches your eye is its unique appearance. The guitar design perfectly combines classic shapes and futuristic elements. The material for guitars from the “Orange” company is mahogany. This is an expensive material that is highly durable and lightweight. The guitar deck can be inlaid with gold or ivory inlays at the customer’s choice. The guitar neck is made of ebony. The frets are inlaid with white ivory plates. The neck radius is 12 inches. On the front side there are 4 controllers and one switch.

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At the time of this writing, “Orange Custom Guitar” costs $ 6,000. Price depends on pickups. The guitars are manufactured in London. Therefore, production takes up to 1 month.

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