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Dean EZEBRA Exotica A/E Zebrawood w/ Electronics Natural
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“Dean” company is an American guitar manufacturer, not widely known among guitarists, but has managed to prove the high quality of its products. The company’s products are trusted by leading rock musicians around the world. Among the guitarists who have preferred “Dean” guitars are guitarists from such bands as “Slayer”, “Pantera”, “Testament”, “Arch Enemy” and many others.

“Dean” has specialized in the production of electric guitars for many years. Recently, in order to expand the assortment, excellent models of acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars from this company have appeared on the market.

Electro-acoustic guitar  is a kind of acoustic guitar equipped with a pickup – a compromise option for those who want to play music in different styles. Among the electro-acoustic guitars from the “Dean” company, the six-string guitar “Dean Ezebra” stands out.

But for those who are just learning to play, it is better to take something easier to handle. This model is a great option for those who have owned guitars for a long time and are looking for a reliable instrument for themselves for years to play. The shape of the guitar deck is “western”. All elements of the guitar soundboard are made of exotic African wood – “zebrano”. The neck is made of mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard.

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The guitar has a natural woody color. The combination of materials and design solutions provides the instrument with a beautiful appearance and excellent sound. It’s nice to go on stage with a guitar like that. “Dean Ezebra” sound will definitely delight the audience. It has a built-in tuner. This makes tuning your guitar much easier. The closed tuner mechanism adds convenience to the tuning and operation of the guitar.

The average cost of the instrument is low. The final price depends on the store, as well as on the region of production. Original guitars are more expensive, while licensed guitars from Asia are cheaper. At the same time, the quality of the latter is not much inferior to the original.

Best of all, the owner’s review says about the guitar. Here’s an example of a popular review from Amazon: 

 “Dean Ezebra” is a high-quality and relatively inexpensive guitar – a compromise option for many guitarists. It is good both for home use and for concerts. The main advantages of the guitar are ease to use and tuning, low frets, good sound and  quality. There is no interference with the connection. The only confusing thing is the spread in price at the stage of selection and purchase. The difference in price for these guitars can reach $100. This adds to the risk of running into a fake and overpaying.

Also among the disadvantages can be noted the fact that the guitar of the “Dean Ezebra” model is very capricious. First of all, this concerns the pickup – it is very sensitive to mechanical damage and requires proper care and regular tuning. Besides, in order for the guitar to sound at a high level, expensive strings will be needed, and this is a constant additional expense.

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