Earthquaker Hizumitas Brief Review: Exclusive

EarthQuaker Devices has decided to delight guitarists with a truly exclusive pedal. This time the company decided to release its new fuzz sustainer guitar pedal “Earthquaker Hizumitas” in collaboration with a unique musician. We are talking about the guitarist of the Japanese band “Boris”, which has been performing in the genre of experimental rock for 30 years. The guitarist’s name is Wata. Many hard rock fans know her in Japan. Wata is constantly experimenting with sound. It is for this reason that the girl was noticed by EarthQuaker Devices.

“Earthquaker Hizumitas” is a unique guitar pedal. The sound chain is based on Wata’s personal “Elk BM Sustainar” pedal. The engineers at EarthQuaker Devices tried for several months to find a similar sound, but in the end they asked Wata to send them “Elk BM Sustainar” and copied the sound of the pedal. A distinctive feature of “Earthquaker Hizumitas” is powerful, rich saturation combined with deep low frequencies and dynamic sound.

Earthquaker Hizumitas Brief Review: Exclusive
Image credit: EarthQuaker Devices

Earthquaker Hizumitas has three controllers on the front. The “Volume” controller allows you to adjust the output signal strength. The central “Sustain” controller allows you to adjust the ratio of the clean signal to the processed signal. In other words, using this controller you can increase or decrease distortion and sustain. The “Tone” controller is an equalizer. Clockwise will roll off trouble while increasing mids and bass while counterclockwise increases the treble while reducing mids and bass. Quite an unusual solution. “Sustain” and “Tone” controls are highly interactive and always seem to let more string definition through than other circuit variations. Like the sound of “Boris” band, the output is massive with unity gain only around 10 o’clock which is perfect for matching with a wide variety of pickups.

“Boris” band has timed the release of “Earthquaker Hizumitas” with their latest album “Reincarnation Rose” where you can hear Wata playing a brand new “Earthquaker Hizumitas”.

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