Electric Guitar as a perfect weapon

The guitar is the second most popular musical instrument in the world after the piano. But guitars are rarely used as weapons. This is due to the high price of such a weapon, given that the guitar can only be used as a hitting tool.

These obvious things weren’t obvious to Brandon Anthony Charboneau, 34, who lives in Idaho Falls. The incident took place at the end of October last year, just after Brandon was released from prison on charges of grievous bodily harm. According to testimony, Brandon came to his friend’s apartment late at night. An argument ensued between them. Then Charboneau grabbed a guitar standing next to him and hit his friend several times. After the incident, the perpetrator fled the scene of the crime.

The same evening, the victim, whose name is not called, was taken to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed serious damage to the head and several parts of the body. According to doctors, the blows were of such force that the patient fainted several times during the examination. According to a witness, the victim’s entire room was covered in blood. The offender has not yet been found. A reward of $ 10,000 was announced for his head.

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An electric guitar can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of an angry person. On average, these guitars weigh 9 lbs. Some hand-made guitars such as “Gibson SG” can weigh up to 19 lbs. For comparison, a baseball bat weighs 3 lbs.

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