Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Big Muff Pi is a popular distortion/sustain pedal that offers musicians good sustain and tone. It’s known for being not much of a distortion device but rather a smooth sustainable fuzz.

Let’s take a closer look at it and see what features it has and who it is for.


From the design standpoint, we have a traditional stompbox look with this device. The chassis is made of metal and features a nice soft beige color. The large red-colored logo on the front adds a bit of vintage feel to the overall look of the EHx Big Muff Pi.

Big Muff Pi pedal sticks to the 3 knob layout — all of them are located on the front panel of the device. You can tweak the sound using Volume, Tone, and Sustain knobs.

The lower part of the front panel is where you find a footswitch that turns the pedal on and off.

The top panel of the Big Muff Pi has two audio jacks: one Input for plugging the instrument in and the Amplifier that routes the signal to the amp.


Big Muff Pi pedal is the best choice for those looking for a versatile device that can produce quality sustain and fuzz.

It works great for musicians keen on playing chords — you can really distinguish every single note, which makes that particular pedal stand out from other distortions, as they tend to reveal less note distinction with chords.

The knobs on the Big Muff Pi fuzz allow the user to control the volume, tone, and sustain of the effect. The sustain is what differentiates the pedal from the rest of the competition — it can hold true signals from the strings of the guitar to the amplifier for a long time, giving the player the freedom to go at it with the notes and chords.

The fuzz feature is great for achieving the versatility with the tone layering that some other pedals just can not provide. Add some EQ and spring reverb pedals to the mixx — and you have a ton of depth added to your music. Just like that.

EHx Big Muff Pi offers a ton of tonal range as well — using the device, you can easily go from warm and soothing sound to light and thin retroesque sound, which is great for solos.

  • User friendly
  • Affordable
  • Great sound versatility
  • Good sound quality
  • Requires an EQ for the best sound
  •  Niche tone

Bottom Line

For players looking to expand their sound range with new tonalities, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi is a great option. It adds a layer of versatility to the users’ playing like no other pedal does.

The pedal has brought a ton of joy to professionals and amateurs for a long time — and it will surely continue to do so.


How to set up an amp with a Big Muff Pi?

It’s a simple plug-and-play situation, but make sure that the [edal is in front of the amp. Otherwise, you may lose the volume.

What bands used Big Muff Pi?

Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Frank Zappa are among the most renowned Big Muff users.

Big Muff Pi is noisy when stacking

You can reduce the noise by setting one pedal on lower gain and one on high.

Big Muff Pi dim LED no sound when it is on.

Make sure your power supply is strong enough and that the chords are of good quality.

How to use Big Muff Pi as an overdrive?

It’s simple: just dial fuzz face down for a fuzzy overdrive.

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