Epiphone Inspired by Gibson brief review

Epiphone Inspired by Gibson brief review

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The classic Gibson Les Paul electric guitar has long become a legend in the musical instrument segment, while acquiring the status of one of the symbols of guitar music. The shape of the guitar is still copied by numerous, more budgetary counterparts. In the mid-40s, musician and innovator Les Paul developed a guitar for himself, experimenting with it for years. Finally creating a prototype solid-body guitar, Paul suggested putting it into production at Gibson. Then he was refused. But after 5 years, everything changed and cooperation between the company and the musician along with a new era in the world of rock and jazz music began .

As for today, the new management of the Gibson company has taken a different vector of development, listening to the customers opinion. Finally they  released the “Epiphone Inspired by Gibson” guitar series, paying tribute to the great era. One of the guitars featured is the six-string Les Paul Special, which we’ll take a look at.


Les Paul Special almost completely repeats the design of the guitar released in 1955. A lightweight plate body, thick neck and parallel pickup and bridge create a classic guitar look. By the way, the pickup is also made in vintage style. The headstock is shaped like a recognizable “open book” for added authenticity. Available in two colors: yellow and cherry.


The body of the guitar is constructed from mahogany. The thick neck is also made from such material, which causes a dense, but at the same time velvety soft sound. The fingerboard is made of a more expensive wood – rosewood.


The single-coil pickup is presented in the form of the classic P-90. This pickup produces clear, powerful sound and equalizes the mids, which again adds thickness to the sound. There are additional controls for the pickup in the form of a manual toggle switch, two volume controls, and two tone controls.


When the guitar was created back in 1955, it was positioned as a high-quality and expensive instrument. The new version has remained true to tradition. The guitar is in a fairly high price segment. You can touch the classics and feel like a rock ‘n’ roll  star of those times for just $ 1,599.

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