Fender company supports cultural diversity

The problem of cultural diversity has been actively discussed by the world community in recent years. Films are made about this phenomenon, songs are composed and constantly included in the political agenda. Unfortunately, few companies actually support this movement. However, there are those who do not stand aside despite all the problems of today.

Fender company supports cultural diversity

Fender, a leading manufacturer of guitars and amplifiers, has supported cultural diversity in Australia. For this, an art event was organized. The event was attended by two young artists from Australia, who were asked to create a unique look for two electric guitars. Two “Fender Stratocaster” guitars were chosen as the canvases for the artists.

Fender has supported cultural diversity in Australia

The art event was curated by actor and rock musician Dan Sultan. According to him, the work exceeded all expectations. Niah McLeod did her work in soft pinks on a black background. In this way, she wanted to convey the beating of mother’s heart. Otis Carey finished his work in matte black with a unique tactile finish.

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Both guitars are already up for auction. According to the curator of the exhibition Dan Sultan, such events help to draw attention to the problems of cultural diversity in all countries of the world. All money will go to Australia’s Fund for Children in Need.

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