Fight for artifacts: new brand merch from The Last of Us

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Dark Horse will release a statuette of Joel from “The Last of Us: Part II” at a price of $200 — its height will be 35 cm. Pre-orders will last until the end of October, and deliveries will begin in May-July 2022.

In addition, the official website has begun pre-ordering vinyl records with guitar music from the game with songs performed by Troy Baker (Joel) and Ashley Johnson (Ellie). All songs are performed with guitar accompaniment by musician Chris Rondinella.

The limited edition features a design by Dani Pendergast and a special message from Neil Druckmann. Plus, you can hear the songs on streaming services.

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The “Last of Us” has given players around the world a unique gaming experience. The mechanics of the game allow you to play the guitar. Instead of chords, the player presses a specific key combination that corresponds to the desired chord. After the game’s release , a huge amount of music appeared on the Internet, performed by players from all over the world. It is for this reason that many players have come to love the game. The fact that the company decided to release merchandise and support players is a great step towards meeting the gaming community.

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