Fine Guitar for Final Fantasy

Good news for all MMO RPG fans and Final Fantasy fans. The Japanese company “Square Enix”, which develops the “Final Fantasy” series, announced the imminent release of a new addition to the latest version of the game called “Endwalker”. Among other features, the company announced a collaboration between “Square Enix” and famous guitar and gears maker, “Fender” company.

What is the essence of collaboration? The thing is that in the “Final Fantasy 14” game a player has the opportunity to get the new profession called “Bard”. Among other instruments, a stylish black guitar will be available. Such virtual guitar both companies want to bring to life. The “Final Fantasy Stratocaster”, which is the official name of the upcoming guitar, will be available for purchase in 2022. The electric guitar will be a classic-shaped guitar branded with the “Final Fantasy” branding. It will be available in black with neon blots on both sides. While companies are talking about a limited edition. But big sales at the start can change the mood of manufacturers. The “Final Fantasy Stratocaster” will soon be available for pre-order worldwide. 

Fender/Square Enix

But what will the players get? What will the guitar look like in the virtual world? The appearance of the guitar in “Final Fantasy 14” and  of “Final Fantasy Stratocaster” will be identical. As for the in game mechanics, players will be able to change the tone of the virtual instrument and choose different styles of play. In addition, the virtual guitar can be bought and placed in your home as an interior item.

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