Five hours sex and 100 guitars named after him: Sting turns 70

Five hours sex and 100 guitars named after him: Sting turns 70
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October 2, English musician Sting celebrates his 70th birthday. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner – the artist’s real name – gained fame thanks to “The Police” band in 1970-1980. We have prepared unexpected facts from the life of the legendary singer.

  • Sample ItSting was born into a poor family. Audrey (mother), who graduated from music school, taught her son to play the piano and sent him to the church choir. When the guy was 10 years old, the bass guitar became a real gift from his parents.em #1
  • After graduating from high school, he worked as a conductor, tax inspector, and then entered the teacher training college. When he finished it, he got a job as an English teacher at a Catholic school. Then one of his close friends noticed Sumner’s talent and invited him to audition for the local jazz group “Newcastle Big Band”. This was the beginning of his journey to the stage.
  • Sting is a father of many children: he has two children – Joe and Catherine – from his first marriage with theatrical actress Frances Tomelty and four – Mickey, Coco, Jake, Giacomo – from the model and producer Trudie Tyler, with whom he is still married.
  • Sting and his wife Trudy have a film company. They sponsored “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”, the first film directed by Guy Ritchie.
  • There are 100 guitars in the world named after a star. “The Sting: Mini Signature Edition” series was developed under the personal supervision of the musician.
  • The frog of the recently discovered subspecies “Brazilian arboretum” – “Dendropsopus stingi” was named after Sting. This happened because the musician made a huge contribution to saving the Amazon rainforest.
  • The celebrity does not eat meat, visits the gym, is actively engaged in yoga, jogging and aerobics. Sting also practices tantric sex. Trudie Styler has repeatedly spoken frankly about this topic in interviews and boasted of her husband’s ability to make love for more than five hours without stopping.
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