Fractal Audio FM9 Too Good To Be True

Fractal Audio FM9 Too Good To Be True – Audio

“Fractal Audio Systems” is a popular US company in the field of preamps and effect processors for guitar production. The company has won five prestigious awards from various music magazines. Musicians using “Fractal Audio Systems” products include a list of guitarists such as John Mayer, Steve Vai, Jason Richardson and such bands as “The Edge” and “Metallica”.

At the end of August, 2021, “Fractal Audio Systems” presented a new product – the “FM9” effects processor. The novelty has all the advantages of the previous models such as “Ax-Fx III”, “FM3” and “FC” and complements them with new functionality. First of all, it should be said that the “FM9” processor is equipped with four DSP cores. It is thus the most powerful processor from “Fractal Audio Systems” and one of the most powerful on the market right now. The “FM9” is equipped with a unique technology – “Cygnus” amplifier modeling technology. This technology reduces latency and improves response throughout the audio chain.

In this video, we are going to be taking a look at Fractal Audio’s latest product called the FM9. This device is designed to provide users with an incredibly immersive audio experience that can only be found on devices of this caliber.

We are also going to be taking a look at some of the features and benefits that this product has to offer. So if you’re in the market for an incredible audio experience then be sure to check out the FM9!
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Four DSP cores allow you to improve the quality of the cabinets. There are 2200 of them in “FM9”. But the engineers felt that this might not be enough. Therefore, they added the ability to upload users’ own cabinets. A total of 1024 custom cabinets can be loaded into the “FM9” processor. The quality of the effects has also improved. In total, “FM9” is equipped with 200 different effects, simulating the sound of different analog pedals and classical effects.

Fractal audio fm9 specs:

  • Analog inputs include Fractal Audio’s “Secret Sauce” 1/4″ instrument input, plus two separate stereo pairs of balanced 1/4″ jacks for use as “aux” ins or “returns.”
  • The main stereo output is equipped with both XLR and 1/4″ outs, plus a headphones jack. Two additional independent stereo outputs — one XLR and one 1/4″ — can be used as “aux” outs or “sends.”
  • All 1/4″ outs feature Fractal Audio’s Humbuster™ technology to help reduce the noise of any ground loops.
  • Three jacks each each support one external switch or pedal like the Fractal Audio EV-1.
  • A FASLINK II port allows you to connect up to two additional Fractal Audio FC-12 or FC-6 foot controllers for extra “real estate” on the floor or remote control.
  • Digital I/O includes 48k SPDIF in and out.
  • USB provides 8×8 computer audio and MIDI interaction with Fractal-Bot, FM9-Edit, a DAW, and more.


The convenient color display deserves special attention. It makes navigation much easier. Taking into account the number of cabinets and effects, usability matters.

“Fractal Audio Systems” took care of high quality sound recording. FM9 is equipped with a high quality USB audio interface with 8-channel recording and 8-channel playback capability. This is a very convenient and modern solution. And the number of analog inputs and outputs will make the recording process even easier. The Fractal FM9 is available now for $ 1599 for Canadian and US residents only.

Fractal Audio’s most exciting features are now available in the new FM9, which is available in a bigger floor unit. The unit has intuitive and comfortable controls, as well as the same huge, full-color main display as the Axe-Fx III and FM3, making it extremely simple to use. The tap and hold functions of the rig can be customized in realtime, thanks to nine on-board footswitches with individual vari-color LED rings and tiny LCD displays.

Video Fractal Audio FM9

The Sound of Fractal Audio

“Cygnus,” Fractal Audio’s most recent version of their highly acclaimed amp modeling technology, is at the heart of the FM9. Cygnus employs our proprietary SpectrumTrack™ technology, which boosts the performance of amp models across a wide range of input levels, particularly for amps with cascaded gain stages. The FM9 has two amp blocks with four channels each, allowing you to play 280+ vintage, current, and original models ranging from clean to brink of breakup to harsh overdrive to modern distortion.

The Axe-Fx III’s Ultra-Res™ speaker cabinet collection, with 2,200+ “Factory” cabs and 1,024 “User” places for loading your own Impulse Responses (IRs), is also included in the FM9.

A Stompbox and Studio Effects Suite

With accurate recreations of numerous classics, as well as innovative originals, the FM9 is an exceptional multi-effects device packed with hundreds of wonderful stomp box and studio effects. The world’s greatest guitar players have examined and approved our effects.

There are 50+ reverb types from classic spring to realistic spaces and beyond, as well as rotary, synth, and “plex” effects including shimmer and many more. There are 57+ drive pedal models, dozens of delays, several choruses, flangers, phasers, tremolo effectsto toggle the song off at will.

The FM9 offers the following block types: one of each. It’s worth noting that almost every preset may employ them multiple times. The Blocks Guide contains a comprehensive census.

Fractal Audio FM9 – Playback, Record, Re-Amp, and More

The FM9 functions as an exceptional high quality 8×8 audio interface for playback, recording, and re-amping when connected to a Mac or PC with a USB port. The FM9 can serve as the heart of a portable recording studio in this way.

For ease of use, the USB ports have been mapped. Just record USB inputs 1/2 in the computer, for example, to capture the processed main outputs of the FM9. Use the next pair of USB inputs to record Out 2. Input 1 may also be used to capture a DI and re-amp it if desired. You may also capture an outboard device, effect, mixer, or any other item by capturing either of the stereo “aux” inputs.

It’s also simple and adaptable to use computer playback. The main outputs of the FM9 are mixed with processed audio from your presets, and computer outs 1 and 2 play back directly. The FM9’s second output plays back USB outs 3 and 4. This allows you to have processed guitar in one stereo channel and backing tracks in a second channel, for example. The “Input 1 block” of the FM9 is addressed by computer 5 and 6, making it simple to send DI sources to the unit for recording.

A particular “USB” grid block is used with the final pair of USB computer outputs. In the DAW, this may be utilized to simulate a virtual plugin for re-amping or other creative effects processing.

USB-over-MIDI is also used for two-way communication with companion applications, Fractal-Bot and FM9-Edit — a world class software editor/librarian available for free.

Fantastic Foot Control

Fractal Audio’s popular FC-6 and FC-12 controllers are used to create the nine onboard footswitches of the FM9. Fractal Audio’s FC-based products are extremely flexible and simple to set up and use, not only FM9 but also FM3.

Each switch has its own individual tap and hold features, which may be modified to perform diverse operations on eight distinct switch “layouts.” The variable-color LED ring and compact LCD screen aid you view the operations and status of each switch.

The FM9 is ready to go right out of the box, with an arrangement that lets you pick from any of the presets on board. Tap Tempo and Tuner are accessible via a single stomp, which takes you to “Scenes mode.” In addition, effect switches, Looper controls, and more are accessible via the “Master Layout Menu.” The popular “OMG9” style setup based on the FM3 and FC-6 is included with FM9, allowing you to use it right out of the box.

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