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Musical instruments are divided not only into categories by sound, type, structure and difficulty of mastering, but also by the physical characteristics of a person who wants the specific instrument to master. For example, everyone knows that long fingers are important for pianists and strong lungs are needed  for trumpet players. But what does it take to become a guitarist? Playing the guitar requires a certain amount of physical hand strength. Many boys and girls are deprived of the opportunity to play the guitar due to dystrophy. They dream of learning to play the guitar, but they have no way to fulfill their dream. One of these people is Denis Goncharov from Russia. Denis has desire, patience and an ear for music, but his arm muscles are not strong enough to clamp the strings. Many will advise him to come to terms. But Denis decided otherwise and is currently developing a new generation guitar, which will allow people like Denis to fulfill their dream and become a guitarist.

All in one futuristic guitar build

It’s hard to imagine a world without technology in the 21st century. Technology surrounds modern man everywhere. We …

Denis and his friends came up with a sensory electric guitar that everyone can play: people with disabilities, beginners and professionals. At the moment, the project is at the prototype stage. Recently the touch electric guitar received its first working name – “GMusic”. The design of the instrument is made in the style of retrofuturism. Denis and his team chose the name and design because of their love for Soviet electronics names.

The new generation guitar differs from the classic in two key features. First, the strings in this guitar are lighter and more pliable. Secondly, instead of frets, the guitar uses sensors that do not require effort to clamp. Another feature is the presence of a powerful speaker and touch screen. Also, “GMusic” will be able to sync with a computer and use any guitar pedals presets.

The developers implemented a built-in training system for aspiring guitarists. In the learning mode “GMusic” will highlight the desired fret using the LED indicator. Today Denis and the development team are raising money to create a working prototype. The timing of serial production has not been specified.

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