Good Morning Announced New Album Having Released the Latest Single “Country”

The upcoming album is called “Barnyard” and is set to be released on October 22.

An indie-rock duo Good Morning based in Australia announced their upcoming album Barnyard by putting out the first single from the record called “Country”.

The song is a clear reflection on frontman Liam Parsons’ life and the changes he endured while growing up.

As the musician said in a press release, “I’m still not sure if I’m singing to old friends, an old lover, or my old self.” 

“I think probably all three. At the time, I was having a rough one reconciling my life with what I had expected adult life to be. I knew that my younger self—a more virtuous, kind-hearted, and patient person—would be perplexed by how I had turned out, and I felt a kind of second-hand embarrassment for myself looking over the last few years of false starts and dead ends. This song is an attempt from me to reconnect with my younger self as well as some key ghosts from my past and to move forward by looking back—pretty futile stuff, really.”

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In addition to the song, the band shared an artwork representing the theme of looking to the past and continuing to move forward. The visual includes the backdrop of 1st Eltham Scouts Hall, where Liam spent the majority of his childhood.

“Country” is the latest stuff from Good Morning since two other singles, “Mollyduker” and “Keep It” were released in April of 2021. Talking about the full-fledged albums, the band released one back in 2019 called “Basketball Breakups”.

Below you can watch the “Country” music video.

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