Guitar from Back to the Future in Real Life

Guitars have been around for a long time. And people also want to rethink them for a long time. Auburn University and “Industrial Design” department students took a scientific approach and reimagined such instruments as the “guitar”. Students were given the assignment to develop a new guitar design as their graduation work. They could use any tools and materials. There were only two rules – every guitar must be applicable and ready for mass production.

The exhibition “FretHaus” became the result of the work of the students of the “Industrial Design” faculty. It is currently taking place in the USA in the State of Alabama. The exhibition has been preparing since 2019. All works were supposed to be completed in 2020, but COVID 19 delayed the release of many works.

The shape and variety of guitars is truly amazing. Many guitars are based on students’ personal stories. So Collin Burney created a guitar with a real realistic map of the area instead of a soundboard. Metal music lovers should love the skeleton guitar. It is made from bent pieces of wood and looks stylish. For lovers of futurism, the exhibition presents a guitar in the form of a piece of a spaceship. Thus, the author wanted to emphasize the importance of the space race between the USA and the USSR.

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Many professional equipment manufacturers for guitarists did not stand aside and supported the students. For example, “EMG” company, which has been producing pickups for many professional guitars for many years, provided its products free of charge. It is really important that professional guitar companies pay attention to such events. It is especially interesting that each piece of the exhibition is a working electric guitar, which makes the process of factory production of these guitars real.

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