“Guitar Hero”: guitar popularization or trash?

"Guitar Hero": guitar popularization or trash?

Streamer "CarnyJared" decided to play the hardest song in "Guitar Hero". But before that, he decided to challenge himself.

We love writing about ‘Guitar Hero’ and are constantly talking about how much the game is doing to popularize guitar music and grow new guitarists around the world. However, “Guitar Hero” doesn’t always have a positive impact on the industry. More recently, the game was at the center of an Internet scandal and almost hurt a person.

What kind of competitions streamers do not go to in an attempt to win a new audience or cheer subscribers. Someone broadcasts non-stop for weeks, while others try strange food. Streamer “CarnyJared” decided to play the hardest song in “Guitar Hero”. But before that, he decided to challenge himself. He ate one of the hottest peppers in the world. The result was quite expected: after a few moments the streamer had to drop the plastic guitar and grab a bottle of milk. He tried to continue but stopped again. This time, he just poured the milk over his face.

“CarnyJared” was unable to show the class, although it plays quite well in “Guitar Hero” and its modifications like “Clone Hero”. After completing the track, he continued to drink milk in order to somehow get rid of the burning pain. Only ice cream helped him.

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It can hardly be said that this kind of performance is good for the guitar industry. It could have ended worse. The level of cringe on streams is only growing today. More recently, another streamer continued to play the game during the earthquake. And a streamer from Russia beat a girl right during a live broadcast. Therefore, these kinds of stories can harm the positive image and effect of the “Guitar Hero” game.

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