Boss OS-2 Distortion and Overdrive

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Boss OS-2 Distortion and Overdrive

The OS-2 enables players to choose between overdrive, distortion, and a combination of both in a single compact pedal. Single-coil guitar pickups’ subtle nuances are preserved by its distortion.

Boss OS-2 allows you to mix a parallel signal between distortion and overdrive for a colorful range of tones by combining their flagship distortion and overdrive pedals into one box. By mixing in some overdrive or thickening up your rhythm with some underlaying distortion, this pedal adds clarity to your lead tone and girth to your rhythm.

Boss OS-2 distortion and overdrive pedal is a great tool for metal and rock guitar players. It has a lot of features that make it an excellent choice for any guitarist looking for an affordable overdrive pedal. Check out this video to learn more about this great pedal and how to get the most out of it.

Features Boss OS-2

  • Can create blended overdrive/distortion sounds with a flexible distortion pedal.
  • For rhythm playing, it offers both “over-the-top” distortion effects and less extreme overdrive tones.
  • The Level, Tone, Drive, and Color settings allow you to finely tune the tone.

Benefits Boss OS-2 Distortion/Overdrive

  • Good note definition and slick harmonics.
  • Great bass that usually gets lost with most distortions.
  • Very “90s” sounding.
  • Built like a tank ,classic boss!
  • The bonus is that a twist of the Color knob turns the box into a DS-1.
  • This pedal is best as a overdrive with a great gain structure and wide gain range.
  • Boss OS-2 slices through the mix, and just makes everything sound “bigger.”
  • The OS-2 covers from sweet mellow blues all the way to high energy hard rock.
  • The color knob does great to determine how much of each you would like.
  • Very low noise compared to a stock DS-1.
  • Lots of distortion and overdrive. Great tones and lots of room for variation.
9.8 Total Score

User Rating: 5 (1 votes)

  1. this is my first OD/Distortion pedal, so i am not as savvy as some others on this topic. however, i think this is great and easy to operate. still learning my way around tube amps and such. i notice this gives the driven blues sound too when you don’t go overboard on the settings. settings are easy to figure out as well, some of this stuff is intimidating for people just getting into it.

  2. The OS-2 is a very mediocre distortion/overdriven pedal. It’s sound is just quite repulsive, very sterile, and the drive/distortion knob is pretty useless besides when it’s at either extreme. Also, you don’t have a very useable range of drive level. You’re much better off getting an SD-1 or DS-1, in my opinion. I got mine for 35 bucks and i guess it did what i needed it to.

  3. Got this pedal quickly – great service. More importantly, it sounds great! I used it at band practice that same day as it arrived (socially distanced, of course!) in a large indoor room – sounds was clear and cut through the mix (including amplified acoustic, vocals and bass/drums) – just what I was looking for. I’m running with a battery, and very low noise compared to a stock DS-1, for example. I’m still playing with the “color” knob a bit, and finding usable tones on both the overdrive and distortion sides. When fully turned to distortion, you get that smooth/compressed Boss DS-1/DS-2 type sounds – when you move everything back towards noon, you even can get some nice fuzzy, tube-like break-up that is a bit different than your typical OD pedal. Clearly, I’m happy with this pedal – great work, Mike!

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