Octonaut Hyperdrive Review: More Than Overdrive

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Do you want to add a powerful distortion sound to your guitar playing? If so, then you’ll want to check out the Octonauts Hyperdrive pedal. This pedal is designed to give you the ultimate distortion sound, and is perfect for playing heavy metal, hard rock, and other types of music.

Octonaut Hyperdrive for sale

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Looking for a pedal that will take your tone to the next level? Look no further than the Octonauts Hyperdrive!
Our team of experts have meticulously crafted this pedal to perfection, using only the highest quality components. From its germanium diodes to its IC3 converter, this pedal is guaranteed to give you the best sound possible. And with its selectable true/buffered bypass operation, you can tailor your sound exactly to your liking. So don’t wait any longer, order your Octonaut Hyperdrive today!

The Octonaut Hyperdrive pedal is a great tool for adding power and distortion to your guitar playing. It’s easy to use and produces a powerful sound that will help you rock out in style.

Small guitar equipment manufacturer Interstellar Audio Machines (IAM) has released a new “Octonaut Hyperdrive” overdrive pedal. The “Octonaut Hyperdrive” guitar pedal is currently the flagship product of Interstellar Audio Machines. At the heart of the “Octonaut Hyperdrive” electronic circuit is located another famous overdrive pedal – the “Klon Centaur”. The “Klon Centaur” has become a popular driver pedal due to its unique ability: it does not warp the sound of the guitar during overdrive. Warping is minimal in dynamics. It is this feature that the engineers of Interstellar Audio Machines have implemented in the new “Octonaut Hyperdrive” pedal using rare germanium diodes. As a result, the guitar sound processed with the “Octonaut Hyperdrive” guitar pedal is dense, powerful and natural.

The “Octonaut Hyperdrive” guitar pedal has a “True / Buffered Bypass” option. The “Bypass” operating mode is switched by means of a special trigger. The standard three controllers are located on the front of the pedal. “VOL” controller adjusts output volume. “TON” controller adjusts treble and bass frequencies. “DRV” controller adjusts the amount of gain. 

What do you think about Octonaut Hyperdrive

True amateurs of stylish design will delight the outfit “Octonaut Hyperdrive”. On the front side there is an octopus in an astronaut’s spacesuit and an alien’s face. The pedal looks very stylish. Interestingly, many popular guitarists are showing strong interest in this pedal. The excitement around “Octonaut Hyperdrive” is being seen on Twitter.


If you’re looking for a powerful guitar pedal that can add an extra umph to your sound, look no further than the Octonauts Hyperdrive! This pedal is perfect for hard rock, metal, and blues players who want to crank up the volume to ear-splitting levels. With its versatile overdrive sound, this pedal is perfect for making your sound stand out from the rest. So what are you waiting for? Try out the Octonaut Hyperdrive today and see the difference it makes!

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  1. This pedal doesn’t have enough gain and doesn’t sound great when stacked. For the price I would not recommend it. Also, if you buy it on sale, they won’t allow you to return it for a refund. They won’t even let you return it for a re-stocking fee. They have a 30-day return policy, but it only applies to purchases at full list price. I find that practice unethical.

  2. Zot Brown is a fake account name, he did actually return the pedal. Don’t look for a heavy gain pedal within a transparent overdrive

  3. I have been a huge fan of overdrive and distortion pedals for years. Over the past few months, I’ve seen an increase in the number of boutique products that are being introduced to guitarists everywhere. Although there is nothing wrong with these new additions, I still prefer my beloved old school stomp boxes such as Boss and Vox. The Octonauts Hyperdrive pedal might be one of the best sounding overdrives available on today’s market! It features two germanium diodes which provide you with rich harmonics when played at higher volumes, making it perfect for those classic rock tones that we all love so much! The tone is also enhanced by its top-mounted jacks which allow for better signal transfer between your guitar

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