Best Flanger Pedal — Buyer’s Guide

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Flanger pedals belong to a family of LFO-based guitar effects. It also includes such effects as phaser and chorus.

The flanger effect is not of the subtle ones, and when used right, it produces a great sweeping comb-filtering effect on guitar and any other instrument.

But the problem is finding the flanger pedal that sounds good without breaking a bank.

In this article, we will walk you through some of the best flanger pedals and try to see which one will fit your needs.

Best Flanger Pedal — the Comparison

To start, we have put together a comparison table displaying all of the pedal features. This way, you can take a look and decide which products have the stuff you need and how they compare to each other.

Product Material Sound features True bypass
Boss BF-3  Plastic Depth, Rate,  -
iSET Analog Metal Color, Range, Rate +
JOYO JF-07 Metal Regen, Delay, Width, Speed +
Mooer Eleclady Metal Color, Range, Rate +
Donner Mod Square Aluminum-alloy E.Level, Depth, Rate, Modulation modes +
Stax Guitar Flanger Pedal Metal Color, Range, Rate +
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The Best Flanger Pedal — Donner Mod Square

Donner Mod Quare would be the best option among the presented selection of flanger pedals inside and out.

Starting with the design of the product, it has a strong and sturdy aluminum-alloy chassis of a relatively compact size. It supports mono input and output jacks and has a selection of adjustable knobs to tweak the sound in whatever way you want.

Let’s get a little deeper into the features. First off all, three knobs let you tweak the flanging effect: “E.level” controller for the effect level, “Depth” controller is self-explanatory, and “Rate” controller for changing the speed of flanger. A true bypass is for keeping the tone clean: there would be no tone discoloration when you’re not using the pedal.

And here’s the thing that sets this pedal apart from the others: 7 modulation effects like Chorus A, Chorus B, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Vibrato, and Flanger.

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Boss BF-3 — Solid Option

Design. The product features a purple plastic body. On the front, you have effect control knobs, an LED indicator of the working state, and an on/off switch. On each side of the pedal, there are two input and output jacks.

Features. The pedal allows the user to control the depth and rate of the effects with the help of adjustable knobs, with the addition of new “Ultra” and “Gate/Pan” modes for ultra-fat flanging and futuristic slicer-type sounds. The pedal can also tweak the tap tempo, has stereo outputs and independent inputs for guitar and bass.


  • Thick flanging effect. Additional effect settings. Stereo output. Independent inputs for guitar and bass.


  • No true bypass. Power supply not included.

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iSET Analog — Swiss Army Knife of Flanging Sound

Design. This flanger pedal has a sturdy metal casing with a simple and elegant look with multiple color options. Labels are easily readable, and the pedal features three weighted knobs. Compact size allows for better mobility, and the bottom panel covered with a rubber pad guarantees that the pedal stays in place during shows.

Features. The product produces crisp and clean flanging sounds. There is a toggle switch that lets users change the sound from a traditional flanging signal to a more warm and fluctuating tone. There are also “Color”, “Range”, and “Rate” knobs for detailed adjustment of the flanger. “Color” knob controls the amount of signal that is affected by the effect, “Range” knob adds depth to the sound, and “Rate” knob adjusts the speeds of modulation.


  • Lots of effect settings. Compact size. True bypass.


  • No power supply included. May not work well with lower tunings.

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JOYO JF-07 — Budget King

Design. This product has a simple yet efficient design, which only comes in white. There’s a straightforward layout of 4 effect controlling knobs and a true bypass switch. The side of the pedal house input and output sockets for 1/4″ jacks.

Features. Though at a lower price, the pedal can easily produce a metallic flanger tone, good chorus, and tremulous vibrato. There is also a true bypass feature, that helps keep the tone clean when the pedal is not in use. There are 4 knobs to adjust the effect quality: “Regen” knob controls the feedback, “Delay” adjusts the speed, “Width” sets the modulation time, and “Speed” tweaks the wobbling effect.


  • Good sound control. True bypass. Affordable.


  • No power supply. A cheaper build.

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Mooer Eleclady — Small but Mighty

Design. Here we have a pedalboard champ — the compact size of the pedal is great for managing the user’s setup. On the sides of the pedal, we have input and output sockets for 1/4″ jacks, with three knobs, a “Filter/Normal” toggle, and a true bypass switch on the front panel. Another advantage is a metal casing.

Features. The pedal features a classic analog flanging sound. There are two working modes that users can switch between with a toggle: “Normal” mode produces a light sweep while “Filter” mode is more dramatic. There are also “Color” and “Range” knobs to control the amount of signal influenced by the effect, and depth of the sound respectively. The true bypass is also present.


  • Analog sound. True bypass. Compact metal casing.


  • No power supply.

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Donner Mod Square — Best in Class

Design. Donner Mod Square has a strong aluminum-alloy body and only comes in one color. On the front panel, we have three adjustable knobs for sound control with a larger effect-controlling knob right in the center. There’s also an LED that displays the working state, and a true bypass switch. On the sides of the panel, you will find input and output sockets for 1/4″ jacks.

Features. The pedal offers 7 modulation effects, which can be switched between with a knob. Here we have “Chorus A”, “Chorus B”, “Phaser”, “Tremolo”, “Rotary”, “Vibrato”, and “Flanger”. To adjust the effect you can work with 3 function knobs: “E.Level” controls the level of the effect, “Depth” sets the depth, and “Rate” tweaks the speed. For a clean tone, there is a true bypass feature.


  • 7 modulation effects. True bypass. Metal casing.


  • No stereo. Power supply not included by default.

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Stax Guitar Flanger Pedal — No Surprises

Design. This flanger pedal has a simple build which is available in multiple
colors. On the front panel, you can find a “Normal/Filter” switch, an LED indicator, three effect control knobs, and a true bypass switch. On the sides of the pedal, there are input and output sockets for 1/4″ jacks.

Features. The pedal has a switch to control the tone of the sound, and three adjustable knobs: “Rate”, “Color”, and “Range”. “Rate” is for tweaking the speed of the effect, “Color” controls the amount of the effect, and “Range” adjusts the depth of the tone. A true bypass is also a huge advantage.


  • Lightweight. True bypass.


  • No power supply included.

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How to Choose the Best Flanger Pedal — Buyer’s Guide

Here you have it — some of the best flanger pedals for an affordable price.

When choosing the best product, having a clear understanding of what to look for. Here’s a couple of pointers that will get you on the right track:

Price. The best advice here would be is stick to the middle. Decide for yourself how much you are comfortable spending, but keep in mind that there could be better options at a bit higher price. Often the cheapest option is of the lower quality. But that does not mean that the most expensive products get you the most features.

Features. Most of the flanger pedals share their features, but there are cases when a particular product has something unique. Make sure that your future pedal has everything you need: it might be true bypass, additional knobs for tone control, and so on.

Additional stuff. Those are things that are nice to have, and some of the manufacturers skip on them to keep the cost down. But, if you are in the market for something over the top, study the specification carefully. Such features could be additional inputs and outputs, modulation modes, or included power supply.

We hope that this guide will help you choose the product that suits your needs the best. Good luck shopping!

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