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In this our new publication will discuss unobvious and major features and options of Boss TU-3 guitar tuner. Later we will talk about problems with Boss TU 3 and technical characteristics. But if you are looking for which guitar tuner worth buying, then you can safely pick this one. In a nutshell, this is the world’s best-selling electric guitar floor tuner, reliable and simple that will last a long time. If this is not enough, then let’s look at the details.

Boss TU-3 manual

The TU-3 is, as the name suggests, the third version (and the last one at the moment) of Boss’s most popular floor tuner. Reliability in everything is, first of all, reliability in transportation. Despite its small size, the Boss TU-3’s case is made of durable metal and can withstand strong kicks. The unique features of Boss TU-3 guitar tuner include the multi-colored LCD, which was never seen before on the traditional clip-on guitar tuners.

It has various selectable tuning possibilities for bass/guitar and popular chromatic modes (in contrast to non-chromatic tuners, allow you to determine the semitones). They are more perfect and are needed for fine tuning musical instruments. Thus, selecting the “Chromatic” option, the tuner displays the nearest note. Using “Guitar / Bass” selection, Boss TU-3 indicates the number of the currently tuned string. Also, tuner equipped with two indication modes. The “Cent” mode display the pitch of played at the moment the note. “Stream” mode shows whether you are above or below the desired note. By using guitar flat mode, you will be able to tune qualitatively as many as six semitones even below standard pitch. Verification signal in visual form appears after tuning will be done. Boss TU-3 guitar tuner helps you tune by offering support for 6 string bass and 7 string guitar.

The tuner is equipped with one input and two outputs: “Output” and “Bypass”. This is another feature of the Boss TU-3, because 2 outputs will allow you to use it as a “Split Box”. What is the difference between the outputs? “Output” allows for silent tuning. “Bypass” simply passes the signal. A very handy option for live concerts. As for power supply, like most Boss guitar pedals, the TU-3 runs on a 9-volt battery or power adaptor. Neither one nor the other is included in the kit, so you have to buy them separately. Also you can supply power to other pedals (up to 7).

This product has more than 1200 verified reviews from customers on Amazon, and 92% of them are 5 stars.

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1. Affordability and cost-effectiveness

When you are looking for a new guitar tuner, you are not willing to break the bank or create a hole in your wallet. The biggest plus point of selecting Boss TU-3 guitar tuner for your studio is that its cost is pocket-friendly. By investing only a handful of bucks into this product, you will bring a lot of value to your performances.

TU-3 Chromatic Tuner Overview

Housed in a tank-tough BOSS stompbox body, the TU-3 features a smooth 21-segment LED meter with a High-Brightness mode that cuts through the harshest outdoor glare. Choose between Chromatic or Guitar/Bass tuning modes, and enjoy visual pinpoint tuning verification with the Accu-Pitch Sign function.

You pay a few extra bucks, and after a couple of clicks, the product is shipped safe and fast to your doorstep without you making any extra efforts and investing any additional time which is needed in visiting the stores physically. You will be pleased with every single dollar you invest in Boss TU-3 guitar tuner, making it one of the most valuable products you have ever purchased online.

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2. Attractive looks

Boss TU-3 Guitar tuner offers a stylish design by imitating the traditional looks of a clip-on guitar tuner. It weighs just over a single pound, making it travel-friendly, so anyone can carry it easily in the pocket while performing outdoors. The visibility level of its screen is extremely clear as it features the reflection display mechanism.

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3. Battery-operated

This tiny portable machine does not rely on an electrical outlet. The battery that is included makes it a roadworthy gadget. So don’t worry if your live performance is situated outdoors, miles away from an electric grid.

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4. Durability and long-lasting

Boss TU-3 Guitar tuner is housed in a strong, reliable, and robust stompbox body. You have the option to request customer service to provide you with the manufacturer’s warranty. This will put a lot more confidence in your purchase and make you free of any doubt.

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5. User-friendliness

Boss TU-3 Guitar tuner comes with a free-of-cost user’s manual with detailed instructions on how to use it, maintain, repair, or troubleshoot any problems in various languages. To help you easily cut through the unbearable outdoor glare, Boss TU-3 guitar tuner is equipped with a 21 segment LED meter which gives the most reliable and accurate readings. This tiny gadget has the capability to provide power for up to 7 effect paddles by Boss.

Specifications BOSS TU-3: Chromatic Tuner
Tuning Range C0 (16.35Hz)–C8 (4186Hz)
Reference Pitch A4=436–445 Hz (1Hz step)
Tuning Accuracy ±1 cent
Power Supply DC 9 V: Dry battery 6F22 (9 V) type (carbon)
Dry battery 6LR61 (9 V) type (alkaline)
AC Adaptor (PSA series: optional)
Current Draw 30 mA (DC 9 V)
85 mA (DC 9 V, when High Brightness mode is on)
Dimensions 73 (W) x 129 (D) x 59 (H) mm
2-7/8 (W) x 5-1/8 (D) x 2-3/8 (H) inches
Weight 390 g / 14 oz (including battery)
Accessories Owner’s Manual, Leaflet (“USING THE UNIT SAFELY,” “IMPORTANT NOTES,” and “Information”), Dry battery/9 V type (6F22)
Options AC adaptor: PSA series
Parallel DC cord: PCS-20A

In conclusion, the basic features of the Boss TU-3 guitar tuner are derived from Boss Ace-pitch, which includes stream mode and flat tuning up to 5 semitones. The display is equipped with 21 segments and a high contrast mode, which will allow you to work with the tuner even in complete darkness. It all looks a lot like the perfect guitar tuner. At the very least, the Boss TU-3 is worth trying.

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