Guitar Theft Crime Story

Randy Rhoads is considered by many to be a genius guitarist. His solos can be heard in the music of such bands as “Ozzy Osbourne” and “Quiet Riot”. Randy belonged to the category of rock musicians who received an academic education and only then began to compose and perform their own music. Therefore, after the death of Randy Rhoads in 1982, many of his personal belongings, including the classic Marshall Amplifier and the rock musician’s favorite guitar, the 1963 Harmony Rocket, were donated to the “Musonia School of Music”, which was where Randy Rhoads graduated in guitar class, were put on public display in the lobby of a music school. Artifacts of the past have inspired aspiring musicians over the years. 

That changed in late fall 2019 when the “Musonia School of Music” was robbed. All of Randy’s belongings were stolen. After the theft, the case received wide media coverage. Ozzy Osbourne offered a reward for any information about stolen items. Ozzy has always felt guilty about what happened to Randy Rhoads. Because Randy died in a plane crash while on tour for Ozzy Osbourne. A few weeks after the robbery, a bystander found some of Randy Rhoads’ belongings in a dumpster . But the famous guitar and amplifier were not among the items found. For more than two years there has been no news about Randy Rhoads guitar geras. 

Finally, in mid-May, Randy Rhoads’ sister’s Instagram account reported that the guitar and amplifier had been found by the police. Both items are in good condition. They did not suffer at the hands of robbers. Kathy Rhoads D’Argenzio, sister of Randy Rhoads, thanked the police for their work. The names of the thieves don’t come up. All items will be returned to the “Musonia School of Music” 

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