How to sound like Metallica’s James Hetfield?

How to sound like Metallica’s James Hetfield?

This article explains ten different types of equipment used by James Hetfield to help you sound like him. It is recommended that you use similar tools, especially the guitar as used by James Hetfield. To get the best idea of what kind of guitars James Hetfield has been using throughout the recent years of his career, take a look at the table given below.

Year Type
2016 Since 2016, James Hetfield has been using ESP Vulture, which he used for shooting his YouTube and Instagram videos. 
2008 Since 2008, James Hetfield has been using ESP Iron Cross for his live performances. This guitar was inspired by a guitar he used back in 1973 called Gibson Les Paul. 
2008 In 2008, a guitar named ESP Truckster was released, which is a Hetfield signature model by ESP. 
2008 In 2008, James Hetfield’s Electra Flying V was restored, which has broken back in 1984. He had been using it between 1980 and 1984. He had purchased it for $200. 
2008 In 2008, James Hetfield’s Gibson Explorer “So What” was restored, which he had been using back in 1984. 
2003 In 2003, James Hetfield used a very popular guitar named Gibson Explorer Rusty both during his tours and in his studio. 

Besides the guitar, your amplifier should be of a variety that matches the ones used by James Hetfield to sound like him. Below I have given a table that will describe the main features of the amplifiers currently used by James Hetfield.

Name Basic features
Mesa Boogie Stereo Simul Class 2:90 Power Amp This is a fan-cooled amplifier
It features instrument and line input selection
It features a lift and ground switch.
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Heads This rectifier head has a selectable channel that allows you to harness either two or all of its six tubes using an independent power switch between 50 watts and 150 watts. 
It has eight different sound modes across its triple selectable channels. 
It has an output knob and solo knob, which can be activated by simply pushing the footswitch button.
Diezel VH4 Heads It was first introduced in 1994 and since has been used by James Hetfield.
It has 4 differently voiced channels with a hundred-watt output section. And each of its channels has its own master control, EQ, and gain. 
Its 4 channel inserts allow you to insert rack effects pedals to any of its channels.

The table below shows some of the other accessories used by James Hetfield and their major features that make them so special.

Name Features
Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI Foot Controller This alphanumeric display used by James Hetfield recently is wallet-friendly and stage-friendly. 
It has eight switches that offer assignable instant access through which you can control 8 MIDI devices simultaneously.
It has the ability to control up to four Guitar audio switches.

To sound like Metallica’s James Hetfield, you need immense practice to improve the speed of your downstrokes.

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