Jeep to make a unique guitar “from” Detroit

You can’t just stick the company logo on anything and consider it a work of art. At best, these ad campaigns will be considered as a joke. In the worst case, the brand’s reputation will suffer significantly. But Jeep’s guitar history is far better than any advertising campaign.

The world famous automobile manufacturer has partnered with “Wallace Detroit Guitars” to create a series of guitars. The distinguishing feature of this series of guitars is the production material. The guitar decks are made of reclaimed wood from old houses that were located in Detroit. This original approach solves two problems at once. On the one hand, “Jeep” guitar owners will be able to get a piece of the city’s history. On the other hand, you don’t need to use as much wood to create guitars as you would need to create a regular guitar.

Detroit is famous all over the world for its automobile industry. “Jeep” decided to pay tribute to the city’s long history in such an original way. The front of the guitar is adorned with the “Jeep” logo – a five-pointed star within a circle. The back is adorned with a timber frame print and the word “Jeep”. Instead of a belt, the “Jeep” series of guitars use car seat belts. This solution adds value to the guitar as a work of art.

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